Pregnancy Picture

I am 24 weeks pregnant. My belly is much larger than the first two times! My best friend says that she has seen women 9 months pregnant with bellies this large!

House Update

Placenta Previa

My doctor phoned me a couple of days ago to go over my ultrasound results with me. Looks like I have placenta previa. It is common, not something I should be alarmed about, but something that I feel uncomfortable about. I will be having another ultrasound at 28 weeks to see how it looks. Please pray that it corrects itself before baby is ready to come.

Something Dylan Said Today

Okay, here is a conversation between my son, Dylan (5) and myself at dinner...

Dwayne was talking about going to the house after dinner to do some digging and Dylan wanted to go.

Dwayne: Why do you want to go?
Dylan: I want to spend some time with you without Mommy around.
Me: What's wrong with Mommy????!!!
Dylan: You know how you say that sometimes grownups need some alone-time without their children? Sometimes children need that special feeling too!

Yikes! He said it like it was a common fact and he was just filling me in. What do you say to that?

One For the Bucket, One For Me

We went blueberry picking today. Purple lips & fingers all around. We didn't take many home - it was more for the family time than anything. Picking the berries made us think of blueberry pancakes for supper. We ate so many as we were going that we had to stop at the store to buy some more! Oh well, the pictures are great!

Friday's Work

The fruits (or more acucurately, Salsa) of my labour on Friday...69 pints of Salsa. MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm good!

Dinosaur Dig

Dylan got a dinosaur-digging kit given to him. He grabbed Dwayne & started the project right away. You dig for the bones and then you try to piece it together. He looks like an official archaeologist with the glasses that came with the kit.

House Construction

The house is coming along. It's funny how small everything looks before it's done. I know in my head that it's not really small because I know the measurements of everything, but when I'm standing there looking at it I'm thinking "Yikes!!!!" On August 15, they are supposed to be laying the trusses on so both floors and the basement will all be framed. Here are a few pictures for a glimpse...


Although our vacation in July was very short, we had some fun family time. The weather at the lake was very hot. The beach was fun and the water was nice and warm. We never did catch any of the minnows that we were trying to but the boys built some nice sandcastles and rivers with Daddy on the beach.

Wordless Wednesday