Pray for Amy

This is Amy. She has leukemia. It has been in remission but, as her new post says, has taken a turn for the worst. She is a wife and a mother to a 15 month old little boy. My heart is breaking for her and her family. She really needs our prayers.

Hold On To Your Kids

Just finished reading the book 'Hold On To Your Kids' by Gordon Neufeld. Wow! It was one of those books that every parent should read. Whether or not you agree with it, it is definitely food for thought. I can see how some of it was true to my adolescence and even somewhat to my adulthood. Check it out.

Does She Hate Me?

I used to think that Bobbie and I were best friends. Since Kobe's birthday, however, I am not so sure. She must be really mad about something. You see, she gave Kobe this V-Tech talking and singing phone for his birthday. I am sure I'm going to lose my mind. It is a new favourite toy to both of the boys. There is no volume button and neither one of the boys can stand to see it shut off! If the novelty doesn't wear off soon, it will either be mysteriously disappearing or the batteries will suddenly be very, very dead.

Anyone have someone that has disrupted the peace in their house like this?


We had a great weekend at the Ladies' Curling Bonspiel. Mom, Auntie Shelly, Steven's fiance (Jess) and I curled. What a fun team! Jess has never curled before, Shelly & I have only curled a handful of times and Mom is the pro for our team. The theme was Hollywood, so we dressed up as Charlotte's Web. Mom was Wilbur, Auntie Shelly was Charlotte, Jess was Uncle Homer, and I was Fern. Jess made Charlotte's costume and I paper mached Wilbur's duds. We won Best Dressed Team and we won 3rd in the B. What a riot!