Baby Update

I had another obstetrician appointment today. Everything looks good and he is sending me for a final ultrasound on November 15. He also scheduled my c-section today. Unless something changes, the baby will be born on November 23. Kinda funny...I know the sex, I know the name and now I know the day. Good thing I'm not crazy about surprises!


I am having some issues with self-discipline. I have realized that if I am to accomplish all that I want to in a day, I need to use those small moments - those little chunks of time that are easy to waste away, but add up. I'm talking about while the children are finishing up lunch or switching the children from one task to the next. I am also talking about that 10 minutes before you leave for an appointment. If I use these moments, I will be adding time to my day that I didn't even know I had.

I also need to be careful with interruptions: answering the phone in the middle of something and talking for 15 minutes, checking my email, searching for things that are not in their place. My life is going to get busier when the baby comes and I need to get some of these self-discipline issues worked out now.

Any other suggestions? How do you use up those small moments?

Operation Christmas Child

This year our family is participating in Operation Christmas Child. You pack a shoe box full of toys, school supplies, hygiene items, and other goodies. Then you drop it off at a participating location. The boxes are distributed to children in need ~ many of them who have never received any gifts before. This is a Canadian venture, but there is another worthy cause that helps needy children and can be sponsored by Canadian & Americans...

The African Children's Choir! We just saw them perform and it was AMAZING! There were 26 children performing and all of them had lost at least one parent to AIDS. They have been through things that children should not have to go through. We have sponsored them once and I think that we will become regular donators after this. What a worthy cause! So many lives changed ~ and some many young lives finding Jesus!

I encourage you to find a great place to send your money today. What causes do you currently sponsor?

Getting Ready for Christmas Card Time

Bloggy Giveaways is featuring Colour-Me-Family Labels. Visit their site for a chance to win your Christmas card address labels.

Dylan's New Passion

Dylan has found a new passion...flags of the world. He has discovered that each country has a flag and has been busy making flags. He has completed Canada, France, China, Japan, Australia, USA & Mexico. He is so excited about them and works on them whenever he gets a chance. We discuss different facts about each country as he's working on each one. When we move & get his world map up in his room, we will hang the flags on the wall with a string leading from each one to its country. I may as well ride with this one, as it's a great opportunity for him to learn.

Wordless Wednesday

Autumn from our Backyard


A while ago, I bought a bingo game for Dylan. It has words instead of numbers to help reinforce reading everyday words. We took the game over to our friends' house to play with their children. As they were playing, my friend (the mom) said how much she loved to play bingo when she was in school. They have a local bingo night here and I suggested that we go. We made a date of it. We didn't expect to win anything - just hand over our money in exchange for a fun, entertaining evening. When we got there, we asked the ladies running it to 'set us up', as we had no idea what we were doing. They sold us the amount of cards they thought we could handle & sent us over to sit with a couple of ladies that were very pleased to help us. It was a fun night...and we each won something! She won $25 and I won a whopping $220. I treated her to poutine fries later - such a great way to wrap up a girls' night out. Here is a picture of the winning ticket that won me $210 of the $220.


I had my ultrasound appointment today. The placenta has not moved. I asked the lady what the chances were of it moving enough at this point and she said she'd be 'astonished' if they even scheduled another ultrasound. So it looks like I'll be getting a c-section. All this is 'unofficial', of course, as the doctor has to let me know what the results are. My doctor had told me before that if the placenta had not moved, he would be scheduling me to see the ob/gyn and the ob/gyn would decide how early they would take the baby. Because we live where we do, he thought it would be a bit earlier as it would be quite dangerous for me to go into labour here. We'll see what they have to say. I'm tuckered out from all of this & going to bed.