Wordless Wednesday - Almost

I love baby eyes! They are so clear that you feel like you can see right through them. Here is a glimpse of our camp and the mountains - and me - throught Zane's (8 months) eyes.


Imagine this...

Right next to a wheat field.

30 paces from the beach.

Sandy beach.

Sandy, clear, slow-moving river.

Lotsa sun. Lotsa heat.

Great company.

Lazy mornings, enjoying coffee.

Silent nights.

Hot chocolate outside watching the stars.

Tubes drifting down the river.

Exploring with the Seadoo.

Great food.

This has been our life for the last 11 days. It felt like a playground that God made just for us to enjoy.

On the way home yesterday, Dwayne said, "So, could you sell the house and travel?"

"Just tell me when to start packing!"

8 Hours

I rolled over in bed at 7am.

Me: "Where's the baby?"

Dwayne: "What do you mean?"

Me: "Where is he?"

Dwayne: *strange look*

Me: "He didn't wake up last night!"

Dwayne went in to check on him. Sound asleep. This is the first time ever in his 8-month-life that he's slept through the night. I feel so good! So rested!

It is now 7:30. Still sleeping. All 3 of them. Hmmm...enjoying my coffee during the calm before the storm.

Good-Bye Auntie Annette

Mom phoned yesterday to say that Auntie Annette had passed away. She is my dad's mom's brother's wife.

Hearing Auntie Annette's name made me think of different ways she touched people. She was thoughtful. She had kind words to say - always. She always wanted to help someone or give something to someone. She lived in a town about 150 kms from where I grew up. When we went shopping there, it seemed as if I ran into her at unusual places, usually alone.

Once I was with a few of my girlfriends. We went to Arby's for lunch. We parked and were walking across the parking lot when we heard someone banging on the restaurant window - from inside. The glass was tinted, so we couldn't see who was. We were kind of looking around to see who they were banging at. After all, we didn't even live in that town! When we went inside, we saw it was Auntie Annette. She was eating lunch by herself, had seen me, and was very excited for a visit.

The last time I saw her was 3 years ago at my Great Grandma's funeral. We were sitting at a table at the tea after the funeral. She had gotten something to eat and was looking for a place to sit. We waved her over and had a great conversation. After a bit, she said, "I have something for you." She pulled a recipe for No Bake Squares out of her purse. I still don't know if she simply carried recipes around to give out at random or if she put it in there with me in mind.

As a tribute to her, I dug it out of my recipe box and thought I'd share it with you:

No Bake Squares

1 c. butter or margarine
2 c. brown sugar
1 c. corn syrup

Boil together, then add 1 tsp vanilla and then add 1 cup peanut butter. Mix well. Then pour over the following:

4 cups cheerios
2 cups corn flakes
2 cups shreddies (or similar cereal)

Mix well & then press in a 14"X16" greased pan (or line pan with waxed paper).

Thinking of you today, Auntie Annette.

They Must Be Sneakin' Out!

Me to Zane (8 mths): "Where did you get that big scratch on your face?"

Kobe (2): "From the skateboard park!"

Me: "The skateboard park?"

Kobe: "Yup!"

I know that Kobe's been getting out of his crib at night, but I didn't realize he was taking the baby on middle-of-the-night excursions!