¿Qué tal? - How are things?

Buenos días! Good morning! Dwayne, Dylan & I are learning Spanish. We just started and it is going well, although it's a little embarrassing that our 4-year-old is learning faster than us! He is just so eager!

We want to go on a mission trip to a small town in México in the Fall. There is an orphanage there that the kids and I would help at and there is maintenance for Dwayne to work on. We want to pack our luggage and then find out what the luggage limit is for us on the plane and fill our suitcases with things that the orphanage needs. What a great feeling! I really want to help and I also want our children (and us) to see how others live and how little others have. It will make us more appreciative of what we have and that new electronic gadget (or whatever) may not seem quite so important anymore. It sure would be nice to plan an annual trip.

The only thing I see holding us back is if we get pregnant again - which would certainly not be a bad thing either!! We'll have to see what God has in store for us.

StarChoice Guy

I got a call today from a guy from StarChoice. He wanted to ask me why we didn't have a subscription to our satellite. I told him that we don't really watch TV so it wasn't worth the money to us. He started to laugh. It wasn't a rude or sarcastic laugh. He was really surprised by my answer. He offered me a free two-month subscription, no obligation except that if I wanted to cancel it I would have to phone in or continue to be billed. He asked me to turn on the satellite receiver. I told him he'd have to hold on because I had to take my boots off - we were just headed out for a walk. He started to laugh again and asked if people still spent time walking outside during the weekdays. I told him that we walk lots, as I am a stay-at-home mom and it's part of our routine to be outside.

The StarChoice guy seemed really humoured by our lifestyle. My question is this: is he exaggerating or are we really different from how a typical Canadian lives? I really like my life and don't want it being really high-paced. Glad to have the lifestyle we do!