The title of my last post should have been 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet'.

I thought Zane (11 months) was in 'the thick of it' when I was writing about him being sick.

That was on Sunday.

Tuesday night, the two of us had a sleepover in the hospital. He had a fever of almost 104, he was breathing rapidly and with difficulty, he was listless (completely limp, actually), he was dehydrated.

They let us out on Wednesday morning after saying that a chest xray showed no pneumonia.

I was in tears when I brought my limp baby back in on Thursday. They did bloodwork and sent us home.

On Friday, the doctor called and said that the radiologist had seen the xray and that he did have pneumonia. Gggrrrrr...

They put Zane on antibiotics and he started getting better right away.

My baby is now back to his bouncy self, but for a runny nose and a small cough. He weaned himself of nursing during this whole affair, but he's nearly a year old and that's okay with me. I am just so thankful to see my baby boy back to normal.


Some days are better than others. This is an 'others' day. Actually, this in an 'others' week.

All three boys have been sick at some point this week. Dylan was coughing so badly on Thursday that he was vomiting. Zane is in the thick of it right now. Kobe is mostly better.

Dwayne had a hockey coaching thing to go to in the city this weekend. That left me by myself with 3 sick children.

This is happening at the same time that the two oldest are enjoying a fighting and teasing spree such as we have yet to experience. It is constant. Constant. Really.

They are wearing me down. I am tired. I am frustrated.

I don't care what the 'experts' say. I'm pretty sure they are doing this on purpose. I can imagine them huddled in a corner together, whispering, "I bet she runs away from home in 3 days." "I give 'er 2, tops."

When I took the children to church this morning, a subtle thought went through my head that told me I was crazy to attempt it, given the week we've had. I should have listened...I didn't. Zane coughed the whole time, I had to take Dylan out 3 times for a talking to, Kobe was whiny and fidgety - I didn't get a thing out of the service. We managed to accomplish one thing - disrupting everyone sitting anywhere near us.

Now, we are home and all in quiet time. I need it most of all. Sitting here, thinking about all of this, I started to calculate.

I will have these little guys living in my home for about 20 years from birth. Each year has 365 days. This means I've got 7300 days with them right here with me. That's 7300 days to love them, hug them, train them, discipline them.

Instead of feeling like they're wearing me down, I need to be thankful for those 7300 days. I need to use them and enjoy them.

I feel better now.

Baby Mischief

1 large glass cakepan
ceramic tile flooring
good argument for baby safety-latches