Another Potluck

Food, food, food...

Our care group had a potluck and games night. The food was fabulous - you know I'm not shy when it comes to food!
Somebody brought a game with questions on cards. The purpose is to ask questions that will start conversations and help open people up that aren't normally much for talking.

The first question was asked of anyone who wanted to answer.

It was 'Describe something beautiful'.

I was half-way up the stairs when it was asked and I popped my head down with a loud, "Ahhhem, ahhhem, ahhhem..."

Dwayne looked up at me, his lightbulb went on, he threw up his hand and said, "I know...I know...".
You're learning, honey!

Near the end, Dylan had convinced the 'big boys' to play Trouble with him. Of course, they didn't count on his negotiating skills or the 'rules' of a 6-year-old!

'Walk School Like An Egyptian'

I love Mystery of History! It reads at a higher level but has all sorts of cool reinforcement activities to do with young, older and oldest students.
Today we were doing Egypt projects...pyramids, Pharoahs, pyramids, mummies, pyramids.

(Can you tell my little Dylan likes to pose? I am always hearing..."Take a picture like this, Mom...Okay, now like this...How 'bout like this?")

My cousin, Pamela, is in town for Christmas. She stopped by unannounced this morning. What happens when you come by unexpectedly during a lesson? You get put to work!

Okay, boys, let's mummify our guest!

For another Mystery of History project on Egypt, go see my friend,

Christmas Concert

We had the Sunday School Christmas concert this past Sunday. After the concert there was a turkey dinner with salads and desserts done potluck-style.

Dylan's (2) class changed their program a couple of times before they settled on the nativity scene with one of the children reading the Christmas story out of the Bible. (Dylan is in the red robe).

Kobe's (2) teacher usually gets most of their program video taped and then we watch the video during the concert. It is hard for the preschoolers to perform with all those people staring at them! Then they do a couple of songs live. (Kobe in the light pants near the end).

...the stars in the night sky...

...look down where they lay...

No pictures of the potluck - way too busy deciding how to fill my plate. *wink*

Mary Did You Know?

I have been trying all week to get video from my video camera tape onto my computer. I can get video from my memory stick onto my computer, but not from the tape. I tell ya...all this technology can sometimes drive a person crazy!

I have decided to settle (for now) for posting pictures of Dylan singing. He did a solo at the Sunday School Christmas concert. He sang Mary Did You Know.

It brings tears to this mama's eyes to see him growing up so quickly. I am just so proud of the little gentleman he's becoming.

Away In A Manger - Kobe Style

Kobe (2) is performing a little Christmas cheer.

I apologize for the bad take what you can get when you're catching the little ones in the act. *wink*

Run, Run, As Fast As You Can, You Can't Catch Me...

I saw a gingerbread house kit at the store and was tempted. Until I looked at the price. Fourteen bucks?? I'm far too cheap for that!

Solution? Google.

This is what we came up with and made. From scratch. I mean, from flour and molassas scratch.

The children had a great time!
Oh, and see that icing-squeezer-thing? One of the best buys I've ever made. Way, way better than icing bags.


Opposites Attract?

Bobbie is my childhood friend. She was married 12 years ago to her polar opposite...

Bobbie -
Dresses modestly, very conservatively. She wears long dresses (her mother-in-laws hand-me-downs are truly her favourites).
Rod -
I heard through the grapevine that his neighbor hollered across the street and told him to put his shirt on while shoveling the snow this past Sunday morning.
Bobbie -
She's starting to get very 'green' around her home. No detergent, no shampoo, no disposable toilet paper.
Rod -
He has a yard (and a driveway) full of gas-guzzling toys.
Bobbie -
She's trying to be health-conscious in their eating. She bakes everything with whole-wheat flour (even cinnamon buns!). *gag*
Rod -
His favourite food (even above steak or seafood) is Kraft Dinner Macaroni & Cheese. Next would be licorice, jube jubes and potato chips.
Bobbie -
Can you say 'introvert'? She definitely gets her energy by being alone.
Rod -
Rarely will you meet a social-butterfly of this caliber. He bounces from one social setting to the next. Alldaylong.
What do you do when you marry your opposite?
Well, mostly you celebrate your differences and enjoy your complimentary personalities.
When you get tired of that, you go to a Christmas party where the hosts pulls out the Wii at 1am and you pull out a big can of whoop*ss on your husband on the boxing game.
(I'm so sorry I don't have pictures! It's truly a travesty. All I can say is that it was way worth staying out until 2:30 for - even for a mom of three young boys!)


Each of the boys have a fishtank in their rooms. It was my (successful) attempt at creating some white noise for them to sleep better. Dylan has Twinkle, Kobe has Cleo and Zane has Bubbles.

Kobe and I were feeding Cleo, when he started freaking out.

Kobe: "The other fish ate Cleo's food! The other fish ate Cleo's food!"

Me: "We don't have another fish, Kobe. Cleo at it."

Kobe: "No, that fish ate it! (Pointing)

I looked. It was Cleo's shadow he was seeing. I tried to explain it to him. How in the world do you explain shadows to a 2 year old?

I said that his shadow follows him wherever he goes. I also showed him his own shadow. He waved and the shadow waved.

I thought he understood.

He didn't.

He started saying, "Cleo's shadow ate his food!"

Good thing he hasn't watched Peter Pan. You know, where he comes back to the Nursery to find his shadow, chase it down and sew it back on. Then he would be confused!

Zane is 1

It happened.
Much too fast for me.
My baby turned 1.

Zane's Firsts...

Smile - 6 weeks
Rolled tummy to back - 13 weeks
Giggle - 14 weeks
Rolled back to tummy - 5 months
Crawling - 7 1/2 months
Pull up to sit - 8 months
Pull up to stand - 8 months
Moved into his own bedroom - 8 1/2 months
First steps - 10 1/2 months
19 lbs on his first birthday


The title of my last post should have been 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet'.

I thought Zane (11 months) was in 'the thick of it' when I was writing about him being sick.

That was on Sunday.

Tuesday night, the two of us had a sleepover in the hospital. He had a fever of almost 104, he was breathing rapidly and with difficulty, he was listless (completely limp, actually), he was dehydrated.

They let us out on Wednesday morning after saying that a chest xray showed no pneumonia.

I was in tears when I brought my limp baby back in on Thursday. They did bloodwork and sent us home.

On Friday, the doctor called and said that the radiologist had seen the xray and that he did have pneumonia. Gggrrrrr...

They put Zane on antibiotics and he started getting better right away.

My baby is now back to his bouncy self, but for a runny nose and a small cough. He weaned himself of nursing during this whole affair, but he's nearly a year old and that's okay with me. I am just so thankful to see my baby boy back to normal.


Some days are better than others. This is an 'others' day. Actually, this in an 'others' week.

All three boys have been sick at some point this week. Dylan was coughing so badly on Thursday that he was vomiting. Zane is in the thick of it right now. Kobe is mostly better.

Dwayne had a hockey coaching thing to go to in the city this weekend. That left me by myself with 3 sick children.

This is happening at the same time that the two oldest are enjoying a fighting and teasing spree such as we have yet to experience. It is constant. Constant. Really.

They are wearing me down. I am tired. I am frustrated.

I don't care what the 'experts' say. I'm pretty sure they are doing this on purpose. I can imagine them huddled in a corner together, whispering, "I bet she runs away from home in 3 days." "I give 'er 2, tops."

When I took the children to church this morning, a subtle thought went through my head that told me I was crazy to attempt it, given the week we've had. I should have listened...I didn't. Zane coughed the whole time, I had to take Dylan out 3 times for a talking to, Kobe was whiny and fidgety - I didn't get a thing out of the service. We managed to accomplish one thing - disrupting everyone sitting anywhere near us.

Now, we are home and all in quiet time. I need it most of all. Sitting here, thinking about all of this, I started to calculate.

I will have these little guys living in my home for about 20 years from birth. Each year has 365 days. This means I've got 7300 days with them right here with me. That's 7300 days to love them, hug them, train them, discipline them.

Instead of feeling like they're wearing me down, I need to be thankful for those 7300 days. I need to use them and enjoy them.

I feel better now.

Baby Mischief

1 large glass cakepan
ceramic tile flooring
good argument for baby safety-latches

Aaarrrgggh...I'm An Ogre!

I waited until today to tell the children that Halloween was coming. We hadn't decided if we were going to join in on anything 'Halloween' this year. We decided to participate, including some activities we haven't adopted in other years. Here's how our day played out...

We prayed throughout the day for our thoughts to turn towards Him today.

We prayed for the families in our community that would be participating.

We handed out candy.

We carved a pumpkin - from our garden.

We dressed up.

We went trick or treating with the children saying, "Aaarrrgh...I'm an ogre!" at every stop.