I'm Back

I had pulled my blog off public viewing for awhile.

I did it for some much-needed space and privacy.

Then, when I was almost ready to put it back on, a little tiny baby (literally) secret started to grow inside of me. I wanted to journal about it, but wasn't ready to share.

Now I'm ready. And I'm back. And for those of you who didn't notice I was gone, ignore the above...

Those Poor Israelites In Egypt!

We're learning about Moses and the Israelites in Egypt.

To get in some hands-on activity, we made bricks out of play-doh.

While Dylan was busily making his bricks, I stood right beside him banging a stick on the table pretend-yelling, "Harder, work harder! Don't be so lazy! Faster! Faster!"

Of course, I was driving home the point of Pharoah and his fellow Egyptians working those poor Hebrews so hard.

Dylan thought it was hilarious and giggled his way through his work. Kobe kept looking at me like I was nuts. Zane was just plain scared & looked like he might cry.

All in the name of retention!

Math Arcade

Our local elementary school invited us to a Math Arcade - lots of different types of math games. Dylan had a blast! You've gotta love when they learn by mistake! *wink*

When it was time to leave, I heard, "Aw, Mom, do we have to go already?!"
Oh ya, go love-of-learning!

The Proof...Spring Is Coming!


Enjoying It While Waiting For Spring

I'm not a 'winter person'. I tolerate winter, while waiting for summer. With activities like these, though, it's much easier to tolerate!

This is an example of letting Dad parent. My 6-year-old driving this monster (even on a flat open field) is enough to put my heart up into my throat. Dwayne assures me that it'll be okay. Dylan is excited to show Mom how 'responsible' he can be.

Kobe (3): "Hey Mom, look what I found! What are they?"

Me: "Cat tails."

Kobe: "Is there a cat under the snow?"

Skipping Out

I'm beat.

It's mostly that great 'first trimester fatigue'.

We have our care group at our house on Tuesday nights. Tonight after dinner, Dwayne looked at me and must have realized how tired I felt.

He told me to skip out tonight. "Go upstairs, relax, go to sleep early."

At first, I thought, 'I can't do that! Not care group!' The more I thought about it, though, the more I thought it might be a good idea.

So that's where I am. Upstairs. Hiding out. Blogging. My two youngest children are asleep and the oldest has no idea I'm up here, either.

And I don't feel guilty...I feel like I will come out of this feeling rested.