We're Having Another Baby!

Here is a picture of when I was overdue with Kobe. Look what I have to look forward to! Every time I look at this picture I am still shocked to see how large my tummy had gotten. How does it stretch this much? Keep in mind, I would not pose for a picture like this if I wasn't pregnant. There is just something about a pregnant tummy that screams to have it shown!

Our new baby is due mid-December. We are very excited! I would love to have 4 boys so we are well on our way. With all the problems that I had with damage from endometriosis, we just need to be thankful everyday for the ones that we have. (Actually, we should be very thankful regardless.)

Mexico is Cancelled

We won't be going to Mexico as planned now. To see who actually pays attention to what I write, I will give a clue as to why we aren't going. On my post about learning Spanish and going to Mexico, I said that there was one thing that would stop us from taking the trip. If you remember what that one thing was, you will know why it's cancelled. Take care...and leave me a comment if you've figured it out!

Haircut Anybody?

Dylan ran to the bathroom yesterday. He was in there awhile but he likes his privacy when he's doing his thing. I was waiting for the yell, "I'm done! Come wipe my bum!", when he came runnig back out. Without looking up from helping Kobe, I asked, "What were you doing?" Response? "Cutting my hair." I look up and gulp. There were many areas of scalp showing. "Why did you do that?" Response? "I wanted to look like Daddy." Well Daddy is starting to show some scalp too, but not chunks like I saw on Dylan. The only solution? I got out the clippers and put on the 1/8" guard (the smallest one) and did the full job. He looks like he's enrolling in the army. Glad it's summer coming and glad hair grows back. Every pair of scissors we own are on top of the fridge for awhile.