The Monsters In My Closet

I have to admit, I have been scared of the monsters in my closet (AKA pre-pregnancy clothes). I mean, who wants to be excited about slipping on that great pair of jeans, only to be astonished that you can't even fit one leg through the waist?!?! Well, today I conquered my fears. I grabbed a fav pair of my jeans and voila! They fit! Not the same way they once did - a little flab here, a little sag there - but they will fit better one day. For now I'm just happy to have them on.

What's something a touch scary that you've tackled lately?

I Feel Like A Million Bucks!

Guess what? Zane woke up once last night, at 4:45am! He ate and went right back to sleep. It is now 7:30am and he is still sleeping. That is the best sleep I've had in months! Yay for me! I don't even need my coffee this morning. Okay, I still want it though.

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Clown Of God Lapbook

Here are some pictures of our Clown of God lapbook:

Front Cover

An Italian recipe (aka spaghetti & meatsauce). We made it together and Dylan enjoyed it much more than he has ever enjoyed spaghetti & meatsauce before. The other pictures are of him dressed as a clown - makeup and all - putting on a juggling show for us and my brother's family. What a performer!

Back Cover

'What is an orphan?' and 'What does God say about orphans?'

'Someone who does not have parents.' 'When children who have no parents are in trouble, take care of them. James 1:27.'

My camera is awful (my new one is ordered!!!), so some are very hard to read. It gives an idea of what we did, though.

I'm In The Top 100!

I'm in the top 100 Hearts for Homeschooling. Come visit!

Katy & The Big Snow Lapbook

I chose Five in a Row as part of Dylan's kindergarten curriculum. It was going well at first, but then both Dylan & I were getting bored of it. Then we discovered lapbooks! (I know, I'm a little slow sometimes). It has helped us to tie the unit study together and provides a great form of review.

For Katy and the Big Snow, I saw a sample that a friend did. I used most of her format (to get the hang of this whole lapbook thing). Here are some pictures of our finished product...

Front Cover

The middle - opened up
The backside opened up.



'Personification' with Dylan's example of what personification is.

Skip-counting by 5's.

Dylan loves his lapbook! We are also done 'Clown of God'. I will have to post about it later, though. Got stuff to do!

Wordless Wednesday

Daddy & Dylan in our backyard.

Our View

The stormy weather has finally subsided. We have our blue sky and gorgeous view back!

Parlez-Vous Fran├žais?

We have a French teacher! Valerie, from Montreal, moved to our neighborhood this summer. We've been getting together now and then for coffee and a visit. She is young - around 30, I'd say. She has no children, which sometimes makes it overwhelming to be around energetic boys, but she loves the kids. Her husband works about 45 minutes away and she doesn't work. This leaves her a bit lonely, I think. She's used to having a very hectic and stressful work schedule in Montreal, so this has been quite a change for her.

I spoke with her yesterday and she has agreed to teach Dylan some French! Dylan and I are very excited and so is she. It will be nice having her around and getting to know her better and brushing up on my French, too.

BTW...I was at my esteticians' this week and she informed me that she reads my blog all the time, she just has been unable to comment. She has forgotten her blogger id and password. So, this means my readership is up to five people! Maybe she'll open a new account and we can enjoy her feedback...hint, hint.

Moby Wrap

***UPDATE***: Okay, now he peed in it and it leaked through!

Okay, so I bought this Moby D Wrap and was really excited to use it. Trouble is, it is hard to figure out. Just when I think I have it - like this morning - baby starts to sag in there. I mean, curl up into a little ball! It doesn't matter if I have him in a cradle hold or upright, the same thing happens. Am I doing something wrong or is this how it works? BTW, I love it...until he starts to sag.

Wordless Wednesday

Seven Weird Things About Me

My friend Renae, whom I wish lived right next door (we'd have so much fun!), tagged me in a Seven Weird Things About Me challenge.

Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person’s blog who tagged you.
2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.
4. Tag random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog.

Okay, here it goes...

1. I have a best friend. Not just any 'ol best friend, but one of those one-in-a-million kinda girls. We've been friends since grade 4. We are so very different from each other, although in the real important things (like loving Jesus), we are bang on. She is amazing and I love her to death. She is great at using for a sounding board and always tells me the truth, no matter how much I don't want to hear it. I think that every woman needs a friend like her. And there's a funny story about her...

When I was in Grade 10, I was totally, head-over-heals for this guy at school. I was the goody-two-shoes type and he was a little bad. Not really bad, just bad enough to be exciting to a girl like me (and my parents sure didn't like him!) She thought that I should run, not walk, away from him. (He didn't even know I existed!) She thought he would just be trouble. Fast forward a few years...she apologizes often, as he turned out to be a fantastic guy - and my husband!

2. I have known my husband for over half of my life. Yikes, I still feel like a teenager in love! I don't feel like an almost-30 wife and mother of 3! My hubby and I met on the school bus. He got kicked off the route that he was supposed to ride (for being too rowdy) and was transferred to mine. At first, I thought he was cocky and a little arrogant (now I see it as confident). Then about a month later I realized that I thought he was amazing. Too bad he didn't know I was alive - actually he says he did but just thought I was a little girl. We started to get to know each other better and even dated each others' friends. By that time, we were just becoming great friends - no romantic feelings involved. I would tell him that the girls he went out with just weren't good enough for him and he would take me partying when my boyfriend wouldn't. He always wanted me to go with him so that he could take care of me and nobody would try to take advantage if I was drinking. Kinda the big-brother type. We would go golfing, to the river, play cards, whatever. Totally only friends...until one day, he wondered what he was doing. We had so much fun together and were crazy about each other as friends. Why weren't we together? Well, we will celebrate our 10th anniversary in July and still feel like the best of friends. We have both changed lots, like a 180 degree turn-around, but we have grown and changed together and I love it!

When I hear the song 'Just to See You Smile' by Tim McGraw, it always makes me think of Dwayne. That is so how he treats me!

3. I started playing ladies hockey when I was 26 years old. I had never even been on hockey skates before, only figure skates (and not often). I am not very good at hockey, yet, but love it and want to play again next year. For the last couple of years I have either been pregnant or had a little newborn at home.

4. I used to be an accountant. I worked really hard to get there and never thought I'd give it up to have kids. Turns out, I am more than happy to be a homeschooling mom and don't feel at all bad when people ask, "So, what else do you do?"

5. I cannot make a trip to the city making three important stops: Red Lobster (their biscuits are the BEST thankyouverymuch), Old Navy and Ikea. And I love Tim Horton's iced capps!

6. People that speak with an accent influence my speech immediately. It makes me feel silly, but I just seem to pick it up.

7. I wanted to name Kobe 'Kairo'. I am so glad we didn't!

There you 7 weird things. Okay, maybe not weird, but things that came to mind. Now I tag Tara, Bobbie, Sarah, Kilikina, Heth, Katherine and HalfMoon girl.


Okay, here's to my four loyal readers...

Yesterday afternoon, the wind started howling and swirling snow everywhere. I tried to take a picture of this fantastic storm, but it doesn't do it justice - it really looked way worse!

At about 3:30pm, that's it, the power goes out! Just as I was throwing my roasted chicken in the oven. Hhhmmmpppff...maybe it will be on soon. NOPE, it was almost 10 hours before it came back on. So...what do you do with the power out? Start the generator and string electical cords through the window and throughout the house!

Heat? Check: pellet stove.

Dinner? Check: Popcorn! (Made on the floor by the power source.)

Entertainment? Check: Tumbling dominoes with tiles.

Tired of waiting? Try a cuddle and a snooze!


Like Heth, I too missed De-Lurking week. Actually, to be honest, I didn't know there was such a thing. I know that there are people who read my blog and don't comment. That's okay...I also read blogs that interest me and I just don't have anything to say. There are days, however, when I wonder if blogging is an effective use of my time. If there aren't any readers, I guess not. When people comment, it encourages me to keep plogging on. Happy reading...and if you choose to de-lurk today, nice to meet you!

Holiday Photos (Better Late Than Never)

On Christmas Eve day, we went snowmobiling and tobagganing. I didn't do either - just stayed by the fire, as I had Zane in my jacket and was still recovering from the good 'ol c-section.

Kobe had a blast having Daddy pull him up the hill on his little toddler sleigh.

Dylan simply wanted to snowmobile - just can't seem to get enough of it!

After the fun times outside, we went to the Christmas Eve service at our church. On Christmas morning the children got up late. We had bought the boys a regular-sized hockey net and it was set up in our living room. Kobe ran over to it right away but Dylan walked right past it three times before he saw it. Too funny!

"Can I have a turn now, Daddy?"

Opening gifts at Granny & Papa's house.

On New Years' Eve, we had a few couples over. It was later in the evening so the children were down. It was nice to have a little 'adult' time. We played group Cranium with guys against gals and spouses taking turns against each other. (Much more entertaining that way!) At midnight we set off the fireworks. We went to bed at a ridiculous 3am. Somebody forgot to tell the baby that we went to bed late and that we'd be needing a little more sleep! Good thing we had a babysitter lined up to come at 7:30am!

So far 2008 has been fabulous! Looking forward to the rest of it.

Getting More Organized?

Okay, we are finally getting back into the swing of things around here. Since having our third child, I have a new definition of b-u-s-y. To those reading that have more children, you are probably having yourselves a little chuckle...but it is very busy for me. I have worked out a pretty good routine and am keeping up on everything that I want to. This is a HUGE accomplishment for me, as I am not naturally organized or self-disciplined - it takes much energy and focus for me.

The mornings are busy with morning devotions, getting ready, eating breakfast, school lessons, feeding the baby, changing the baby, rocking the baby, potty-training Kobe, outside time for the children and making lunch. The afternoons are busy with naps (sometimes a short one for me too), quiet time with Dylan, housework, feeding the baby, changing the baby, rocking the baby, preparing dinner, hockey, etc. Oh, and of course, laundry...all day...everyday, it seems. Where does all this laundry come from?!?!

My days feel really busy but relaxed at the same time. Relaxed?? Yes, but only because I am exerting as much self-discipline as I can and getting things done before they absolutely NEED to be done. There are two other things that may seem simple and silly, but are helping lots. The first is this and the next is this.

How are all of you getting back into the after-Christmas groove?

The Heart of the Matter

The Heart of the Matter has a homeschool-goodies contest. They said in their post that it's hard to get back in the swing of things after the holidays. Yep, it sure is! Add a move, a new baby and a potty-training toddler to the mix and it's even that much harder. We are doing great, though. (I will post about that later.) Anyways, it sure would be nice to win this package. You should really go take a peek.

Camera Suggestions

Hey Everyone! I am looking for a new digital camera and need some suggestions. The camera that I have now is a 5 megapixal Sony. It is okay, but not fantastic, and is blurry anytime there is any movement or action (which is alot with my boys). If you have a camera that you love or know of someone who has a great one, I'd love to hear from you!

I Want Proof!

This last few weeks has been by far the busiest time of my life as a parent...homeschooling, a complicated pregnancy & equally complicated delivery/recovery, a new baby & 2 other children, moving, Christmas...yikes! Now is the time that my 21-month-old decides he's ready to potty-train! I am thrilled, although not with the timing. The first day Kobe had a poop on the potty, Dylan is gone with Dwayne. I told Dwayne about it when he got home. What did Dylan say? "Did you save it so I could see?" He wanted proof. Well no, Dylan, I did not save Kobe's poop for you. I did take a picture of him in the act, though.

Too Stubborn To Learn From Others' Mistakes

Katherine posted once about a tub of Tide falling off her washer during the spin cycle and breaking on the floor. I remember thinking, "That really sucks! How would you ever get all that soap cleaned up? Would you ever get rid of the suds?" Apparently, reading her post did not teach me a thing. I was just lucky enough that it was the Downey and not the Tide that fell off of mine. Only by luck, though, as the Tide was sitting right beside the Downey. I was nursing the baby when Dwayne said, "What is this blue stuff all over the floor?" He cleaned it up, even though I insisted I'd do it as soon as I was done with the baby. I quickly hopped up and made him an iced capp as an appreciation gift...and then moved the Tide over to above the dryer.

By the way, I think I'll have to clean the rest of the laundry room tile floor in Downey, as it soaked through and really doesn't match now.