Leaving Mexico

Things are crazy here...

Zane has pneumonia. He was receiving daily antibiotic injections from the pediatrician we're seeing here and is now on oral antibiotics. We're also giving him a nebulizer every 6 hours to help with his recovery. He's also taking Tylenol/Advil to keep his fever down.

Dylan has strep throat and scarlet fever. He was receiving daily antibiotic injections and is now on oral antibiotics. He's also taking Tylenol/Advil to keep his fever down.

Kobe has strep throat. He is taking oral antibiotics. Fever here too. You guessed it...Tylenol/Advil.

I have a flu. Being pregnant, there isn't anything to take, except Tylenol to try to control my so-far-mild fever.

Dwayne's healthy - and working hard to keep the rest of us afloat. He's trying to get plenty of rest because he sees what's probably going to hit him.

The swine flu news is getting crazier every day. Swine flu is not yet in the city of Hermosillo or in the state of Senora, but the Mexican government is taking precautionary measures. Schools have been shut down clear across the country, as have public gatherings, including Catholic Masses and other churches.

Cinco de Mayo is bringing a 5-day long weekend. The Mexican authorities are telling everyone to stay home for the entire 5 days.

There is also rumors of the US closing their borders to Mexico.

After much prayer and tears (on my part), we have decided to leave Mexico early. If we get better right away, we still won't be able to participate in anything due to the closures and then we'll be at the house for the 5-day weekend. To endure this and then have the borders close would not be good.

Please pray for our safety, our health recoveries and our mighty disappointment.

Lollipop, Lollipop...

When we were at the park playing, a man came along cleaning up garbage. At first I thought he was a 'city worker' but soon realized he was collecting the garbage for himself.

The man was talking along to himself and every once in a while would start talking to us. Of course, it was in Spanish and he was mumbling, so I didn't have a clue what he was saying. He was walking near Kobe when he saw a discarded lollipop on the ground, bent over, picked it up and popped it in his mouth.

Kobe stared. And stared. And stared.

Then the man came over and offered it to him. I freaked out inside, just knowing the temptation of the lollipop would overcome Kobe and he'd pop it in his mouth smiled nicely and shook my head to the man.

The look Kobe gave me told me that he had really wanted it. I quietly said that we would look for a treat when we got home.

Just another story to add to the list of things that the children and I have just not witnessed before...

Our Tour-About Hermosillo

Lane took us on a drive-about the city.

This is a huge house that was being built by someone who was into some criminal activity and was killed. The house is now vacant and still unfinished. It

seems to be the popular spot for 'artists'.

This would be an upper-middle class home. Everything in all parts of the city has bars and locks.

This would be a middle class home.

This tar paper - yes, tar paper - home is in the lower class area. No air conditioners or refrigerators in these homes.

While we were on the drive, we saw circus trucks driving around with animals in trailers advertising their shows. The children thought it was crazy and wanted us to follow them around everywhere.

The poor animals - it was 40C and they were being hauled around.

Dale, Dale, Dale (Hit it, Hit it, Hit it)

We got to experience a Canadian/Mexican birthday party. One of the missionary boys turned 6.
First, pizza at Peter Piper's. Our family ordered peperoni y champiñón.

After pizza, we hit the games on the other side of the restaurant. Is this an authentic Mexican experience? Apparently it is in the city. The homes have no yard, so there are huge playplaces in restaurants like this, Burger King & Carl's Jr. One of the Carl's Jrs here has a 3 storey playplace.

Off to their house for cake.

...and a piñata. We sang the following song to time how long each turn was:

Dale, dale, dale.
No pierdas el tino.
Porque si lo pierdes.
Pierdes el camino.
Ya le diste una.
Ya le diste dos.
Ya le diste tres.
Y tu tiempo se acabó.

Hit it, hit it, hit it.
Don’t loose your aim.
Because if you lose it.
You lose the way.
You hit it once.
You hit it twice.
You hit it three times.
And your time is up.

In between the restaurant and their home, Zane developed a fever. By the time I borrowed their thermometer, his fever was already at 104F.
I had a ladies' Bible study to go to in the evening, but with Zane's fever, I stayed home to try to get it under control.

Settling In

The first couple of days here in Hermosillo have be used settling in. We are getting used to our neighbourhood, grocery shopping and finding our way to the other missionaries homes and the church.

This is the street that we're living on.

The place we're living in is a decent size, but has no yard. Most homes here have no yard at all. Have you ever tried staying inside for any length of time with three boys? It's not pretty. There is a park a few blocks down that offered some much-needed run-around time.

I know, I know. Zane is on a leash. It's a children's leash, but a leash nontheless. I swore I'd never be one of those moms. Now I am. There are just too many crazy drivers and dangerous things for me to not have them all very close to me.

Dylan's new-found passion is climbing trees. The trees here are just too cool! They are many that are great for climbing.

Today while we were walking, this older lady saw the children and broke into a huge smile. She came scurrying over and started chattering away to us in Spanish. I must have been looking at her blankly - there were precious few words that sounded familiar - but she didn't notice.
There was much head-patting, cheek-pinching and oohing and aahing happening. The children were staring at her like she was crazy. I mean nobody pinches their cheeks at home - except their crazy Grannie.
I finally got out of her that she had five children and off she went, smiling and waving, still chattering in Spanish.
We saw her a few blocks later and the scene repeated itself. This time I understood that she had five daughters and was wondering where my girls were. The children now ask about our 'amigo' and have been eagerly keeping an eye out for her.

Scruffy To Bald In 10 Minutes

The heat is too much for the children. Dwayne's first course of action is to shave their heads.

They were awfully disappointed that I wouldn't let Daddy at me with those clippers!

Today, we only drove the short distance from Phoenix to Tucson. We used the day to do some relaxing with the children. It was nice to not have to drive all day.

It's Grand!

We have made it to Herosillo, Mexico! We have patchy wi-fi here, so we'll see how blogging is going to work. I may have many posts without pictures.

For now I finally have pictures of the Grand Canyon up.

It was amazing! We took a vote and unanimously decided that God did a great job.

I was a mess most of the time we were there. It really is terrifying having 3 small (active) children around those steep banks. As beautiful as it was, I was relieved to get back in the truck.

My very first pregnancy picture with Baby #4. You may as well have a good setting. *grin*