You Want To Learn? Really? But It's Summer.

"Mom, can I please play with that thing that you bought?"

Kee hee. Begging to learn. I'm so clever.


Life Learning

In this hot weather, we've been gravitating towards water.
At our local lake, we happened upon...
thousands of tadpoles!

We must have picked the perfect time to be there. There were frogs in all different stages: some were swimming as tadpoles, some had back legs and a tail, some had front legs and a tail, some had a mini tail and all of their legs and some had completely finished growing into frogs. It was like watching the whole process without the wait!

Lessons about the Lord's creation just happening around us are always welcome - no prep work for me, but hugely fascinating to the children.

Ol' Cowboy

Great Grandpa (77) & Zane (19 months)


A sob catches in my throat as you talk.

I look at my life - knowing how much I love it, knowing how perfect it feels. I sit wondering why I am so blessed when others are not.

My friend, thank you for sharing your story. A story of heartwrenching pain. Of the perfectly happy family, so similar to mine. Of your precious child becoming so ill - and then leaving this world far too early. Of your husband following shortly after.

I ache inside just listenening and silently wonder how in the world you ever got through it. Did you scream out to God? Were there days when you just couldn't drag yourself out of bed? How could you possibly comfort your other children when you were aching so? Did you just want to gather up what was left of your family and never let them go?

I will pray for you.

I will be so very thankful for what I have - not take it for granted.

I will show my husband all the love that I feel for him.

I will hold my children tightly and show them a mommy that loves them so.

I will thank Jesus for your willingness to share with me.

A Day At The Lake

Uncle Elgin took us out in his new boat. He graciously let each of the children
play 'captain' for awhile.

Kobe thought it was great fun to chase the birds on his turn...

The Lord set up a beautiful backdrop for us...

We had a few 'races' against Daddy on the SeaDoo. On your mark, get set...

You simply can't go wrong with a day at the lake.

All Beat Up

Do you have one of those children who climb, run, fall, and hurt themselves allthetime?

I do.

My little Zane always looks beat up.

There have only been a handful of days since he's learned to walk that he hasn't had a bruised forehead.

He chipped his front tooth a couple of months ago.

His legs - especially around his knees - are always bruised.

This time he got in a fight with a coffee table -and lost.

Yep, this one was hospital-worthy...

Photo Sadness

I shed a few tears today.

The cause...

The hard-drive went out in Pink Beauty (my beautiful pink Studio 17 from Dell) and all of our mission trip pictures were on there.

Mexico, the Grand Canyon, Disneyland, the Redwood Forest...gone. Forever. *sob, sob*

The worst part? There were some stunning photos in there that I had planned on getting printed on canvases and using as art in our home.

Bye bye art.

A Weekend At The Spa

Alternative titles could have been:

Mom's 50th
Eating, Sleeping and Getting Pedicures
Mom, My 3 Aunts & Myself
Nobody Yelled "MOMMMMM..." For 3 Days and 3 Nights

(I know, I know...I'm looking heavy. I swear there' only one baby in there!)

Happy Belated Canada Day

We were on vacation last week without internet service.
On Canada Day, we were at Dwayne's aunt's house on the lake. This is the 'Canadian' view that we had.
Happy Belated Canada Day!

Making Tracks

What's it mean when Zane sleeps in? A leisurely shower for me.

The other boys are fine downstairs by themselves, right?

After my shower, I went downstairs and before I could see them, I called out, "Good morning boys! Whatcha doin'?"

Dylan (7): "Making tracks."

Me: "Tracks? With what?"

Dylan (7): "Icing sugar."

Our schoolroom floor was covered with the stuff and they had wet the wheels of their trucks so that they could make tracks when they drove their trucks through...

It's doesn't look so bad in the picture, but it was everywhere!

Somebody forgot to tell the little buggers my sweet boys that people make a paste with icing sugar and water.

It took six - yes six - thorough scrubs of the the floor before the stickiness went away.
And who did the scrubbing?
You got 'er - the boys used their entire morning cleaning up their 'fun'.