Sad, Sad Day

I got a call around midnight last night. My brother's best friend, Travis, died. His dad is my dad's best friend and I have known him since I was very little. He was 23 and had cancer. I am grieving for so many things...a life cut so short, my brother (what's he going to do without him?), my dad (it's almost like losing one of your own)...

I am a mess. Maybe got 3 hours sleep last night, tossing and turning thinking of Travis. When I wasn't tossing & turning, Dwayne was. I am finishing up the packing and cleaning today. Tonight is our last night in the house. We were leaving on vacation on Saturday, but not sure what's happening now.


We sold our house! The new owners take possession on July 10, but we are on vacation then, so we need to be out by June 29. Yikes!!! Two small children, a pregnant mama and daddy all homeless. We will be living in our RV until our new house is ready to move into. (It's a nice RV, but for 4-5 months? I don't know.) We will park it at Mom & Dad's house, sleeping in it at night and using the house during the day. Mom & Dad long-distance truck so they are rarely home. Woulda worked out perfect for us, although, my brother and his family are moving here and my sister just moved back home. Who'da thought that all of us kids would need move back the same time...with our families?!?!

I'm sure everything will be fine. Now, back to the packing.