The Waiting Game

I'm still alive, honest. I am in the 'city', playing the waiting game until this little baby boy decides to make an appearance. I have very limited internet and can not figure out how to post on my new BlackBerry...stupid technology!

I can receive your comments, but can't post. I wanted to at least let everyone know I'm still kickin'...and so is the baby!

No Snow, Not Yet!

I woke up yesterday to the children dancing around and singing something about it snowing. Indeed it was.

They were so excited!

I was not!

I always say that I wasn't meant to be born in this country. I tolerate the winters to 'get to the good stuff'.

Thankfully, the snow didn't last long enough to get to the ground. It's not here to stay yet, but here are some pictures of this summer to look back at wistfully while winter looms...

That's me driving - all big & pregnant.

Isn't this the way all children travel?

My dad, my brother and Dwayne are throwing rocks across the river. I tried and tried to get them in sync, but when the competetive testosterone is flowing, it's hard to get any cooperation...

Kobe rode with my Dad all day - you just couldn't tear him away.

This guy still makes my heart leap...

Aiy, aiy, aiy - I have a love-hate relationship with pregnancy pictures. I want to have them so I can remember, but it is painful looking at all that largeness!

I'm going to pretend I didn't hear Kobe say, "Let's go snowmobiling!" yesterday and enjoy the rest of Autumn before the white stuff comes to stay.

Little Forest Elves

Our forests have always looked so enchanted to me.
When the children started running around on the soft, mossy forsest floor, I couldn't help but think Little Forest Elves!

Fire Prevention Week

This week is Fire Prevention Week in Canada. We will be spending time learning about fire prevention in our home, including making and practicing a family escape plan.

I encourage your family to learn/review fire safety tips this week. I also encourage you do develop/practice a family escape plan. You just never know when you'll need it...

Our Fall Fair

Our fall fair was late this year - although not as late as I'm posting about it. Don'tcha just hate it when life gets in the way of blogging?!

Dylan participated for the first time. He mostly entered homeschool projects that he'd done throughout the year. His Lego display, though, was made specially for this occasion.

Winning so many ribbons caused much excitement around our home. He wore the medallion that he received for many days and pinned all his ribbons up on display. Since then, I have heard this statement more than once: "Oh, this is a good one. I'm going to enter it in the Fall Fair next year."

Kobe entered a scarecrow and a collage that he'd done. He received a 'first' ribbon for each of them, but didn't care much.

I entered my scrapbook and a photobook I did up and had printed by Blurb. It's fun to show the community what happens in this lil' home of ours.

They Saved The Very Last Canadian Flag!

Our homeschool group had a Welcome Back To School event. It was hosted by the great adventurers, Mr & Mrs G.

The children started with some ice-breaker games.

And then went straight to the mission:

Someone had taken the very last Canadian flag on earth. Our group was hired to locate it and safely bring it back.

The camera-mom got distracted by a climbing cutie (oops).

First the children had to cross a canyon - with human-eating fish below raring to attack...

Whew! Everyone crossed with no casualties. Now to army-crawl across the field. Someone needs to teach these guys about the army-crawl...

Okay, guys, listen up. Zane'll show you!

Next was crossing over the lava river...

The helpers seemed to be invinsible. I didn't find any lava burns on Dylan later.

Now to dig where they think the flag may be hidden...


Mission accomplished!