StarChoice Guy

I got a call today from a guy from StarChoice. He wanted to ask me why we didn't have a subscription to our satellite. I told him that we don't really watch TV so it wasn't worth the money to us. He started to laugh. It wasn't a rude or sarcastic laugh. He was really surprised by my answer. He offered me a free two-month subscription, no obligation except that if I wanted to cancel it I would have to phone in or continue to be billed. He asked me to turn on the satellite receiver. I told him he'd have to hold on because I had to take my boots off - we were just headed out for a walk. He started to laugh again and asked if people still spent time walking outside during the weekdays. I told him that we walk lots, as I am a stay-at-home mom and it's part of our routine to be outside.

The StarChoice guy seemed really humoured by our lifestyle. My question is this: is he exaggerating or are we really different from how a typical Canadian lives? I really like my life and don't want it being really high-paced. Glad to have the lifestyle we do!


bigdodge said...

Love that you're blogging! I am a faithful blog reader... I think your lifestyle is different from most because people do get caught up in the TV way too much. Our rule is that it doesn't get turned on until Nate is in bed. Then we watch our fav's.

Spencer said...

I find that story both humorous and sad. I find it funny that he thinks it strange of you not to want to live precariously through make-believe characters on the television when you have a perfectly amazing family of your own to experience life with. It's sad that he doesn't appreciate a good walk for himself and would probably much rather watch someone else stroll around the block on his very own StarChoice receiver.

Or maybe I'm putting too much thought into this.

Glad to see you have a blog now, but don't forget to take a walk every now and then for the rest of us. ;)

Bobbie-Jo said...

Yay! I love that I finally motivated YOU!!

I hope you really enjoy blogging, AND, I hope you save lots of money on therapist bills! (JK)

Mortgage Burner said...

Oh, you're thinking of going to Mexico?

How's that?

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I'm from USA not Canada, BUT no I see nothing wrong with your lifestyle and I think it is great. We don't have cable or satellite either. In fact my husband grew up without a tv and would be just happy if we didn't own one. But we do...LOL. Keep your life to the minimum..and by the way maybe not ENOUGH people walk in the week days or what not, and that's why so many people are overweight and suing places like McDonalds for their being overweight.