Sad, Sad Day

I got a call around midnight last night. My brother's best friend, Travis, died. His dad is my dad's best friend and I have known him since I was very little. He was 23 and had cancer. I am grieving for so many things...a life cut so short, my brother (what's he going to do without him?), my dad (it's almost like losing one of your own)...

I am a mess. Maybe got 3 hours sleep last night, tossing and turning thinking of Travis. When I wasn't tossing & turning, Dwayne was. I am finishing up the packing and cleaning today. Tonight is our last night in the house. We were leaving on vacation on Saturday, but not sure what's happening now.


Bobbie-Jo said...

It came as such a surprise to me, even though I knew it was a probability. I prayed for all of you and his family today.

((BIG hug))

Anonymous said...

Amy I am thinking of all of you and hope that you all find comfort in each other.
Jen Quam