A Few Minutes Of Panic...

This is where we're going - in 4 sleeps! Just Dwayne and I.
I had a babysitter all lined up - a place where they would have more fun than they do at home. It was lined up, until I got a call this afternoon. Our babysitter's mom passed away unexpectedly. (Please pray for her family)..
I panicked. What now?
I called a friend and we talked about possible sitters. A wonderful woman from our church who has young grandchildren and the energy to go with them came up in the conversation so I gave her a call.
Me: "Hi, it's Amy. We're going to ______ (fill in the blank with our tropical destination) and my babysitter's mother passed away. I was wondering if you might like to babysit for me."
Mrs. W: "I'd love to!"
Me: *She must not have heard me properly.* "We're going to ______. We'll be gone 9 nights."

Mrs. W: "I'd love to! When are you leaving?"

Me: *meakly* "Sunday."

Mrs. W: "Sounds good."

WHAT? Are you kiddin' me?

After my tearful freakout small panic, I was again in a position where I could breathe properly. Thank you Mrs. W! (And the children are going to love it just as much as the other place!)

Shucks, I almost forgot...I have a small prize for anyone who can correctly guess our vacation destination.


Bobbie-Jo said...

Hmmm... I wish to go to the Bahamas ... so that's my guess. Any consolation prize if I don't win?

Ana said...

Sorry to hear about your friends loss.

Looks like you are headed to the Mayan Riveria near Cancun?

Hope you two have lots of fun and enjoy each quiet moment!

Sigh..... it as been 9 years since we went on a vacation.

Queen Bee said...

So glad all has worked out!

I can't tell you where the picture is from but it looks warm and beautiful!

Enjoy yourselves! Take lots of pics!

photomama said...

oh my gosh that looks like bora bora. I am so envious of not only your tropical paradise but 9 days with out children! LUCKY!

Tracy P. said...

My husband and I got to go to Hawaii when our kids were 1 and 3. The kids and I got the stomach flu a few days before, and I was sicker than a dog. I was an absolute wreck because I was worried about my MIL coming to stay with my sick kids, worried that we would be traveling sick...So I totally can imagine your panic that your dream could go down the drain in an instant! We ended up fine and had the most amazing time! I wouldn't guess Hawaii, so I don't know. Have a wonderful time, and praise the Lord for Mrs. W!!

Anonymous said...

Is it Jamaica?


4funboys said...

yeah for you!!!

go and enjoy! For our 10 year annv. we were going to Cabo and leaving the 4 boys with my parents for the whole week. Mom got sick and needed surgery two days before we left, so my dad bought us 4 extra plane tickets so we could take the boys with us on our "Dream Anniversary"... and we celebrated in CABO as a family. It was the BEST time ever.

so... here's hoping you're going to CABO...

Anonymous said...

Is it Cuba??

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Anonymous said...

my guess is Cuba ?
Hope you guys have a great time!! See you....when ever we get down again

Anonymous said...

You'll be there now. I hope you are having a wonderful time. All's well here. I know the feeling when your vacation plans seem to be falling apart. Bless Mrs. W. Take care and talk to you when you get back. Love Grandma Margaret & Peter.

4under3 said...

Ok, my first thought is Cozumel! Hubs and I went to an all inclusive on that fabulous island on our honeymoon!

Am I right?

And lucky you. Did you already say when you're leaving?