More Than Necessary

We had some friends over for lunch today. One of our guests was 'Pizza Bob'. Bob is openly thankful to the Lord for whatever is coming across his mind at any particular moment.

While we were eating lunch, Bob mentioned how thankful he is that God gave food taste. He could have made food simply for nutrition, but He didn't. He put extra effort into making food enjoyable for us.

That comment kept coming back to me throughout the remainder of the day. It made me think of the times that I get lazy and only do what is absolutely necessary. Imagine how different the world would be if we were to follow the Lord's example and put in the extra effort - not to simply settle for the bare minimum.


Anonymous said...

If Pizza Bob is who I think he is, he does have all kinds of great pearls of wisdom. Thanks for sharing this one.


Becky said...

What an awesome and inspirational thought for me to start my day:)


How are you and that new little baby! I bet life is SO busy:)