Busy Summer

I have not had the time to be posting - sorry to those who keep emailing me, wondering if I'm still alive. It has been very busy for us lately. We just finished up an investment house we've (actually, Dwayne has) been working on. Yipee, it sold and we got the money for it yesterday. It sold so quickly that we were scrambling to get it done in time for possession.

We are also building a house this year for us. Our contractor starts July 15. Yesterday, we showed our house and they are coming back today for another look. We may be homeless until the new one is built.

And, of course, I'm struggling with early-pregnancy exhaustion. Not just a little tired...I mean falling asleep standing up!!

The kids are doing great. It has been really hot here so we've been spending alot of time outdoors enjoying the weather. Dylan got a new bike for his birthday and it has meant 2-3 bikerides a day for us. I enjoy it and certainly need the activity.

Steven (my brother), his fiancee and 14-month-old are moving here on the 5th of June. That is very exciting for me! That's the only thing I still miss about home. Now that they will be here, I don't see many trips home anymore.

That's all for now.


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I had the same exhaustion with this pregnancy, although it is my 2nd.

Mortgage Burner said...

Glad to see that you're back blogging! Now that you've got me hooked on checking it daily!

Sorry I couldn't talk longer on Saturday. Talk to you soon.