You just turned 5. Time goes by so quickly. It seems that just yesterday my belly was huge and I was so worried about how I was going to get you out of there. You were all battered and bruised - the delivery was just as hard on you as it was on me. But you were beautiful! I remember your proud Daddy looking down at you with such awe. Life's little moments.

You are my spitfire boy. You have such a strong sense of what you want already. Your brain works on overtime as you try to figure the whole world out. Your mind has always worked like that. When you were 13 months old, you were obsessed with wheels and how they worked. You weren't even 3 when we went to Disneyland and we had to drag you away from the rides, not only because you wanted to ride them again, but because you were curious if they ran on a track or had wheels or what. How does it work, Daddy?

You are a great big brother. You take good care of Kobe and are very protective of him. That doesn't mean you are always nice to him, but nobody else can cross him. You also know enough to keep him away from things that are dangerous to him.

You are my little helper...laundry, dishes, helping with Kobe, sweeping...you name it, you want to help now. And working on the investment house with Daddy. He even pays you sometimes - hhhmmmm, it's only slave-labour for me!

You love Jesus already & I love to hear you talk to Him like He was standing right in front of you. And Noah and Jonah and Abraham - their stories are all so real to you. Just recently you have started to tell me that you are pretty sure you love me as much as God loves me. I say, 'That's alot, are you sure?'. 'Yep Mom, I know that's alot, but that's me too!' A wink and a great big smile.

Happy birthday, my little man! I love you. I am excited to see you grow into a wonderful man.


Mortgage Burner said...

Okay, it was worth the wait!

bigdodge said...

What a beautiful post. Brought tears to my eyes. I don't think you could love anything more than your children! Beautiful cake too, by the way!