We're Back

We got back from vacation a couple of days ago. Yesterday and the day before I had a babysitter who played with the children while I unpacked and organized like a crazy-woman. I can't handle it when things are everywhere & I just wanted it done. It's all done now and I can continue to enjoy the children and the extremely hot weather.

Our vacation was very short, lots of driving and not near as relaxing as I had hoped. We went home for the funeral - which is about 7 hours in the wrong direction. I was so glad that we went. My brother really needed our support. I know he's going to have a huge hole in his life. He really spent so much time with Travis. On Tuesday evening, we started travelling for our vacation. We spent a couple of days at a beautiful lake and spent a couple of days at Drumheller. We went there to watch a passion play (www.canadianpassionplay.com) and it was fabulous! Then we made the long journey home. We hope to get away again in August, as we really need a simple, relaxing vacation.