Amazing Grace

On our way home from the convention I posted about yesterday, we stopped in the city to see my cousin, Pamela. She was in a vehicle accident just before Christmas and lost part of her leg. She is in the city doing her rehab and this was the first time that I got to see her since the accident. My family all told me that she was doing good, but it was just so comforting to see her for myself.
Pamela is doing amazingly well. She was smiling and laughing for most of our visit. She was almost glowing, having a sense of peace about her. I have never seen her so confident and beautiful! She knows that we all love her very much and have been praying for her. She also has great support from her friends. She graduates from highschool on May longweekend and her goal is to walk up to get her diploma. Her determination will get her so far!

I also noticed some huge changes in her family. Pamela is her mom's only child and her mom has always worried about her. It is not fun being a worrier. But as we were shopping and talking, I said, "So I suppose you never want to let her out of your sight again?" You know what she said? "No, I have worried about her all her life and couldn't stop bad things from happening to her. I don't have to worry anymore. God took care of her that night - she could have died, but she didn't." What a weight off her shoulders, knowing that she doesn't have to bear all that anxiety! She seems softer and at peace. And she's right, Pamela could have died that night, but she didn't. It seems to me that God has big plans for that special little lady.

Pamela was out of rehab on a weekend pass and we spent some time shopping at Ikea. It was wonderful to see her dad pushing her around in her wheelchair, straight over to any place that Pamela pointed to. I sat back, watching the interaction between them and the love there is something else. Everything this family has gone through together has sure seemed to solidify their relationship.

I'll leave you with some pictures of us in the hotel. Please keep praying for this family, as it's obvious that our prayers have been answered so far.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Amy, for your kind words and observations and the great pictures. They are priceless. I am confident that God will continue to watch over all of us and bless us.

Love you.

Auntie Barb