Mom & Daughter Time

The Thursday after Dwayne & I went to see the Maxwells, Mom & I took baby Zane to another homeschool convention. Mom helped so much when Zane was born and a 'Mom & Daughter' trip was a small thank-you to her. The convention was about 7 hours away, so we had plenty of time to catch up on each other's lives.

When we got there, we stayed with a billet family. I haven't done this before, but was so glad we did this time. What a great way to meet new families! They had a lovely home, 3 children still living at home and made us feel most welcome.

The convention was good. The keynote speaker was not near as inspiring as The Maxwells were, but there was another speaker there that was fabulous. She specializes in boys - raising them and educating them. She had two workshops there and I went home fully re-energized and ready to tackle my little men!

I'm not sure exactly how Mom felt about the whole homeschooling idea before the convention, but during the convention, I overheard her tell someone that anybody that is at all skeptical about the idea should really attend a convention. On the way home we talked about it, as well, and she sees why we have chosen this method of education for our family. It sure is nice to have the support!

The weather where we went is usually beautiful in April, but it was snowy, windy and down-right cold. So what are two gals to do in this situation? Go shopping, of course! I bought a couple of things for my house and an outfit and gift for my brother's wedding in May.

We were gone for 5 days and Dwayne had the oldest 2 boys. He normally spends alot of time with them, but there's something different about that long of a time. I expected to come home to a flurry of activity, cheerios for supper, house turned upside-down and everyone running to the door because Mom had come to the rescue. Hmmmm...I walked into a clean house, laundry done and children fed -and happy! Did I say, "Wow, thank you Dwayne. You did great!"? Nope, I said, "Are you trying to mock me? How did you do this?" How did he make it look so easy? You will understand why I'm married to him when you read what he said..."No, I just didn't want you to come home to a mess. I didn't have a baby here the whole time and I had 3 hours every night after the kids went to bed to get things done." I love him! (And I don't have a clue how he puts up with me!)

I think that sums up my high-points of April. (Oh, other than the e-n-t-i-r-e family got strep throat in amongst the trips!) It was fun, but I'll be glad to see the month go and get everything back to normal.


Mom2BnB said...

Sounds like a great trip! I bet the convention was amazing!!