Those Poor Israelites In Egypt!

We're learning about Moses and the Israelites in Egypt.

To get in some hands-on activity, we made bricks out of play-doh.

While Dylan was busily making his bricks, I stood right beside him banging a stick on the table pretend-yelling, "Harder, work harder! Don't be so lazy! Faster! Faster!"

Of course, I was driving home the point of Pharoah and his fellow Egyptians working those poor Hebrews so hard.

Dylan thought it was hilarious and giggled his way through his work. Kobe kept looking at me like I was nuts. Zane was just plain scared & looked like he might cry.

All in the name of retention!


Mummy McTavish said...

Those bricks would have made some beautiful pyramids! I'm guessing you had a bit of fun "driving" the point home too!