Enjoying It While Waiting For Spring

I'm not a 'winter person'. I tolerate winter, while waiting for summer. With activities like these, though, it's much easier to tolerate!

This is an example of letting Dad parent. My 6-year-old driving this monster (even on a flat open field) is enough to put my heart up into my throat. Dwayne assures me that it'll be okay. Dylan is excited to show Mom how 'responsible' he can be.

Kobe (3): "Hey Mom, look what I found! What are they?"

Me: "Cat tails."

Kobe: "Is there a cat under the snow?"


Mummy McTavish said...

I have never even seen those contraptions in real life! I'd be freaking about a 6 year old on that thing though!

I also find it odd that we have cats tails growing in the gully next to our house and it's been up to 40•c here this summer. They mustn't be too fussy where they grow!