House Update

This one is especially for you, Mortgage Burner. You have been asking for a house update, but we're at the stage where the work that is being done is not cosmetic and harder to see the progress. The upstairs now has gyproc and the drywaller started on Tuesday. The main floor is insulated and some of the gyproc is up. We have chosen the wood flooring and the ceramic tile. I am having a more difficult time choosing paint colours, though. I took a little longer than I should have deciding exactly how I wanted my cabinets, and they may hold us up alittle. There is a wait-time on the order. Also, we brought our jaccuzzi tub for our bedroom home and it had a large crack in it. They have ordered a new one (on rush), but the first one was 5-6 weeks to get in. I get an update on my placenta previa issue on Tuesday, but if nothing has changed they will be taking the baby a bit early. That means we will be cutting it really close to get into the house before baby comes.


Mortgage Burner said...

Thanks for the update. It is so exciting and brings back lots of memories. There are so many decisions to make and colors to choose and on and on and on. By the time you are getting near completion you will just be saying "Just make it look great, that's all I want." I am so excited for you.

The placenta thing will be okay, just believe!

PS: Hope to see you soon. Looks like the boys are doing well.