House Tour

For those of you who have been emailing me for pictures of the house, here they are. We are moving in tomorrow. We are mostly done, with a few minor things that will continue to be worked on after we get in: trim on the main floor, jaccuzzi tub trim & faucets, mirrors in the bathroom, etc.

Now for the tour...

This is from the foyer looking into the living room.

If you look up while in the foyer, you will see the upstairs.

Look to your left from the foyer and you will see the homeschool room. There will be french doors here, but they aren't installed yet.

Look to your right from the foyer and you will see the playroom. There will also be french doors here which aren't installed yet.

Looking back at the foyer.

Go straight from the foyer and you go past the main-floor bathroom.

Keep going and you are in the living room.

Turn around to see the kitchen. The dining room is on the right, but I realized I have no picture of it. The living room, kitchen and dining room are all open to each other. Laundry is off the kitchen.

Then you head upstairs.

I chose baby blue and chocolate brown for each of the childrens' bedrooms. On one brown wall in each of their rooms, I am putting baby blue wall quotes with the scripture verse that goes...

The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
The LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.Numbers 6:24-26.

This is where you look down to the foyer below.

This is the main upstairs bathroom.

Our master bedroom. This is where the jaccuzzi tub is, but it is not quite finished yet. I am having a c-section in a week so I will not be able to use it for a little bit anyways. It will be done by the time I'm ready to hop in!

We have a great view of the mountains from one of the tub windows and a view of the garage roof from the other...whoops! At least it will give us light in there!

Our ensuite & walk-in closet.

I don't have any pictures of the basement. There is nothing exciting down there. We are leaving it unfinished - with 3 boys there needs to be a rough-and-tumble place to play when the weather stinks! Floor hockey and such will be lots of fun down there for them!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour! I have to get to bed now, as it will be a long day tomorrow. By the way...Joanne, it looks like you owe me lunch after all!


Mortgage Burner said...

It looks great. How exciting! You make me want to build another one.