Making Tracks

What's it mean when Zane sleeps in? A leisurely shower for me.

The other boys are fine downstairs by themselves, right?

After my shower, I went downstairs and before I could see them, I called out, "Good morning boys! Whatcha doin'?"

Dylan (7): "Making tracks."

Me: "Tracks? With what?"

Dylan (7): "Icing sugar."

Our schoolroom floor was covered with the stuff and they had wet the wheels of their trucks so that they could make tracks when they drove their trucks through...

It's doesn't look so bad in the picture, but it was everywhere!

Somebody forgot to tell the little buggers my sweet boys that people make a paste with icing sugar and water.

It took six - yes six - thorough scrubs of the the floor before the stickiness went away.
And who did the scrubbing?
You got 'er - the boys used their entire morning cleaning up their 'fun'.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Too funny!!! I am laughing because that was not my kitchen floor. I am cringing because it is only a matter of time when it will be.

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Mummy McTavish said...

Oh no, sticky, yucky, gets everywhere! I'm getting a nervous twitch just thinking about it.

Journeying Five said...

Hilarous! At least they probably thought so until Mommy came down!

Mary @Raising 4 Godly Men said...

Oh I know the feeling but different sanario. Have you read "Seasons of a Moters Heart" by Sally Clarkson. A good friend said to me once. You know how bad a situation is by how long it takes for you to laugh about it later. ((hugs))

Sorry it took me awhile to get back over here.

Blessings and ((HUGS))
In Him<><

Bobbie-Jo said...

And nobody licked the floor?

You know mine would've been.