Our Fall Fair

Our fall fair was late this year - although not as late as I'm posting about it. Don'tcha just hate it when life gets in the way of blogging?!

Dylan participated for the first time. He mostly entered homeschool projects that he'd done throughout the year. His Lego display, though, was made specially for this occasion.

Winning so many ribbons caused much excitement around our home. He wore the medallion that he received for many days and pinned all his ribbons up on display. Since then, I have heard this statement more than once: "Oh, this is a good one. I'm going to enter it in the Fall Fair next year."

Kobe entered a scarecrow and a collage that he'd done. He received a 'first' ribbon for each of them, but didn't care much.

I entered my scrapbook and a photobook I did up and had printed by Blurb. It's fun to show the community what happens in this lil' home of ours.


Nancy M. said...

Wow, it seems like y'all did great at the fair! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

You all did great work, we were glad that we were home for all the excitement. We will see you all on Friday Oct 9 hopefully in the am. Hope to have a family dinner on Sunday before you leave for the City boys and mom. love granny and papa

Journeying Five said...

way to go! i keep meaning to get them entered in and well, life gets in the way!