Pinch Me, 'Cause I MUST Be Dreaming

Dwayne has been trying to get me to find somebody to help me with my home and with the children.

For months.

Pride - I can do it myself, darn it - and finances have stopped me.

At the end of our first day home with all the children, Dwayne said it again. "I know you can do it yourself, but why? I want to come home to a relaxed wife, children that have had one-on-one time with their mom and a clean house that you haven't had to stress over."

I caved.

I made a call to Esther, an 18-year-old from Ontario that I had met last year. Would she be remotely interested?

Less than 2 weeks later, we picked her up at the airport.

Esther is just what I needed. She helps with my home and and helps with the children. She is chipper and cheerful. She fits right in with our family.

On Thursday, I went to a funeral and took the baby. I came home to happy children, three clean bathrooms and a delicious supper. Somebody pinch me...

And thank you, Dwayne, for being the most understanding and gracious husband ever.


Ruby Red Slippers said...

How can I get one??!!
That sounds dreamy!!!

Journeying Five said...

wow! if you get tired of her let me know.

Anonymous said...

Dwayne - as we all know and have said before - is definitely a "KEEPER". And, yes, I know I am shouting. Your nanny sounds like a dream. i remember back in the day i'd have given a lot to have one - eeven for one day a week. But I survived and so, amazingly did all the children. All's well here. Love you all. Take care our yourselves and each other and remember you are all in our thoughts and prayers always.
Grandma Margaret & Peter from California.

Anonymous said...

and what was mom, chopped liver