Not Chopped Liver, Totally Steak & Lobster

I need to address an anonymous comment left on my last post.

I was excited about Esther being here. I was relieved to have some long-term help. What I forgot to mention was that my sweet Mom took two weeks off work to help me when I got home with the baby.

When I blog, I leave out a great deal of important things that go on in my life. Mostly, it's because we have a busy, exciting life and I don't have all day to sit at the computer and chat about it. I pick snippets here and there. When I look back at my old posts, often I see huge gaps missing and I hope that when I read this when I'm old and grey, I don't think this was it.

Mom came to the rescue when I was recovering from a complicated c-section with Zane. She stayed with me for four whole weeks - helping with the children, doing laundry, cooking, scrubbing, you name it! This time - a much less complicated recovery - she stayed with me for two weeks. Both times were a large sacrifice to her...time off work and time away from Dad. But she's a trooper and we loved having her.

The reason I blogged about Esther and not her is because I didn't get that panicky feeling this time when Mom's departure was looming - I had a long-term helper coming. Also, with paid help, there is no guilt with asking for toilets to be scrubbed or making special requests. When someone is helping because they love you, you take what they're willing to give. when you're paying...well, it's just different.

So, I'm sorry to sound ungrateful. (Some people's children!) I'm totally not.

But...for the record, I've asked Mom to quit her job and be full-time Granny. She hasn't taken the bait quite yet. I guess we have to wait a little longer for steak & lobster!

I love you, Mom!


Mummy McTavish said...

Mums are the BEST!

I think all our mums should stop working and become full time grandmas when grandbabies start arriving... but they tend to say something along the lines of "I'd love it, but I've had my turn. I wouldn't want to interfere... blahblahblah".

I get what you mean though about asking for the 'extras' to be done. It's different when you are employing them. I'm thinking of getting someone in once or twice a month to help with a spit and polish so I can try to just keep up with the regular cooking/cleaning/washing and not feel like the rest is a lost cause.

an encourager said...

See what happens when a bloggerina gets too busy to read her favs for a while???? Bloggers have darling baby girls and mom's come and care for their darling baby girls!!!! Congrats to your family, and hello little one!

Anonymous said...

I love you very mcuh too Thanks a abunch xxxxoooo mom

Surrounded By Boys said...

You have beautiful boys. I have four of my own, ages 6, almost 5, 2 and a 2 month old. I sure hope you're right about being the "queen." It sure doesn't feel like it very often!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

This is why you are the special person that you are. Your mom is very special as well. After all look who your grandma is! Smile. I am so very proud of all of my children and grandchildren and I am sure i will be proud of my great grand children as well. Life goes on. Love you all.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

MOMS are the best... so why does mine have to have a life and not be at my beck and call. ;0)

It just make them more special when they come around!

Mrs. NB

Journeying Five said...

So glad for Mom's!

Jenn@Spejory said...

What a blessing to have your mom helping you!