I Have Been Drowning Them!

I love plants. I wish my house looked like a small jungle. It does not. I have about 5 plants and 2 I was plant-sitting for a friend - I was honest and told her I wasn't great with plants the moment she asked me. They both died. I know I'm not great with them, so I decided to put myself on a more strict schedule for watering. Previously, I watered them when they started to look a little wilty. Amazingly, they were doing quite well. Then I decided I needed to take better care of them. I wrote a weekly appointment on my calendar to remind myself to water them. They are doing miserably - what is left of them - and I am getting discouraged. My friend, whose plants I killed, came over last night and brought Dylan some Basil plants that are just starting. She thought he might like to learn about them. While she was here, we starting talking about the sorry state of my plants. After talking to her I realized I AM DROWNING THEM during this time of being so attentive to them. She showed me what to do and how to get new sprouts going off of clippings and everything! And she used such little water!!! When I tried to save one of her plants I cut off a piece and put it in water, lots of water. It was floating like a lily pad. So thankful to have her show me. Now I have some new projects to try. My jungle will emerge. Thanks Lucille! By the way, the Basil is a hit with Dylan.


Mortgage Burner said...

Well, I think you came by the plant killing thing honestly. I too am pathetic when it comes to plants. My friend gave me a beautiful plant that was purple and green and matched my dining area. Within 6 months it was completely dead. I watered it faithfully (well kind of) and it just didn't seem to want to live in my house. I believe I probably overwatered it as well. I think it is our over-caring nature that makes us not cut out for plant growing! Let me know how you do with this new hobby and your future jungle!

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I have a love/hate relationship with plants. I love them but hate them, I can't keep them alive for anything!