If You Could See Yourself Through My Eyes

I have a friend whom I've known since I was 14. She is caring, attentive, very fun to be with, a little clumsy, a great mom and a fantastic friend. Her laughter is infectious and she's real, absolutely genuine. There is one problem...she doesn't see herself this way at all. She doesn't see her value and she's really hard on herself. Have you ever had someone that you love so much that is like this? I want to yell at her, shake her, whatever, and scream, "If you could only see yourself the way I do!?!?" She's robbing herself and the world by not realizing her value and potential as a really great person.

Then I think...I bet this is how God feels about us. We often sell ourselves short. He created us with skills and traits and inner beauty. It is sometimes hard to get past the shallow stuff or the outer stuff. I bet he wants to shake us and say, "If you could only see yourself through my eyes!?!?!"

My goal is to start trying to see myself how He sees me. And it the meantime, keep encouraging my friend to do the same.


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I recently posted about a Bible Study book I am doing that I think would help her...and every other female in the world! Captivating (I don't remember author right now, on my blog though). It reminds me how much I am valued by God.

Also, something I heard last week is that we are worth nothing. Really we are worth nothing (which is how we value ourselves) but we are VALUED greatly. We are valued enough that God sent His son for us. We weren't "worth" someone dying for us. Wow!

So we might believe we are worthless, and that's ok as long as we realize we are priceless in the eyes of God.