Dylan's New Passion

Dylan has found a new passion...flags of the world. He has discovered that each country has a flag and has been busy making flags. He has completed Canada, France, China, Japan, Australia, USA & Mexico. He is so excited about them and works on them whenever he gets a chance. We discuss different facts about each country as he's working on each one. When we move & get his world map up in his room, we will hang the flags on the wall with a string leading from each one to its country. I may as well ride with this one, as it's a great opportunity for him to learn.


Halfmoon Girl said...

Yay, another Canadian mommy! I was trying to figure out where you live with those mountains. Could be my home province of BC, though it could be the East Coast as well I guess. I am on the Southwestern Coast- love being by the ocean! How far along are you in your pregnancy? Thanks for coming to visit!