Because You Loved Me

I heard the song Because You Loved Me yesterday. It brought back a couple of strong memories.

The first one...

The Christmas I was pregnant with Dylan (6) I told Dwayne about a CD that I would like for Christmas. It was Women In Music - various songs sung by women. There was another CD that was similar. It was called Women & Songs. I liked both but really wanted Women In Music.

While I was telling Dwayne, he seemed distracted. To make sure he knew which one I really wanted, I said, "The first song on it has Because You Loved Me by Celin Dion." I had my doubts that he even heard me.

Fast forward to Christmas morning...

I'm digging in my stocking and pull out a CD. It's the wrong one. It was Woman & Songs. I'm instantly mad. Not because of the dumb CD, but because he hadn't been listening at all when I had been talking about it.

I went on and on whining about how he never listens to me. I was crying and the whole bit (those darned pregnancy hormones). Imagine a sitcom where the nagging, pain-in-the-rear wife is just chewing her husband out, while sobbing. Not a pretty picture. Not the way I want my husband to see me. But there I was in all my glory.

After I wiped my tears and calmed down, I continued digging in my stocking. What was at the very bottom? You guessed it - the CD that I had wanted.


Not only had he been listening, he said that he knew I liked one more than the other but he wanted to get both for me.


I've got to say that if that would have been him throwing a tantrum being ungrateful, I would have marched back to the store with both of them, gotten my money back, and bought something for myself.

I'm glad he's much more gracious than that.

Second story...

As I said, I got the CD when I was pregnant with Dylan (6). The song Because You Loved Me was the first song on the CD. Whenever I hopped into my truck, the CD would automatically start at the beginning, so I heard that song everytime I got in. I had no other children yet and I loved to crank my music. I listened to that song loudly for the second half of my pregnancy.

Babies can hear in utero. I know this is true. Whenever Dylan was fussy in the truck and that song came on he would stop fussing and listen. He would be crying his lungs out, the song would come on, he would stop and then stare out the window like he was in love. Then the next song would come on and, without missing a beat, he'd be screaming again.

I remember one trip back home in particular. The trip was 6 1/2 hours. About half-way, he'd had enough. He started crying, loudly. For the next 3ish hours we would listen to the song, press the back key, listen to it again. Over and over and over. By the time we got there, we wanted to throw the CD out the window. We weren't sure what was worse...constant crying or enduring that song one.more.time!


Bobbie-Jo said...

What were you doing up so late last night?

I can see you, robe on, pink fuzzy slippers, banging on the music store door at 7:48am Christmas morning. But I can see me doing something very similar, too.

Thank God for gracious, godly husbands.

Renata said...

Great post - I think we do anything to stop the baby crying! It's amazing how a song will trigger certain memories!

4funboys said...

LOVE that song too!!

Kristin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

My older son was the same exact way with Josh Groban. I don't know if you listened to the music on my blog at all, but all of the songs I chose because they remind me -- in one way or another -- of my boys. Those Josh Groban songs are included soley because as soon as either my husband or I hear one of them, they take us back to the many car trips where we played the first three songs on the CD over and over so we could save our sanity. :)

photomama said...

oh my I was laughing so hard at the first story, what us women do when we are prego. And that is so sweet that the baby recognized the song and it soothed him.