Grandma's Not Coming!

Grandma was due to arrive on Thursday from California. She was staying for a week and my whole extended family was coming here to see her. My uncle had a dinner theatre planned and the whole bit.

I called yesterday to tease her about abandoning her Canadian roots - it was Thanksgiving in Canada and I doubted she'd cooked a turkey - but her husband said she wasn't there.

"We didn't really want to say anything yet, but your grandma had to spend the night in the hospital. I don't think you should say anything to your mom yet."

What?!?! You didn't want to say anything? Why is she in the hospital?

Turns out that during routine checkup her doctor decided that she had a rapid heartbeat. She was kept overnight for observation and to determine the cause. They decided her heart was not working properly and they were suprised that she hadn't had a heart attack or a stroke. They are doing more tests. (Just for the record, I haven't actually talked to her yet and all the details have come from non-medically speaking family members.)

As soon as I got off the phone from Grandma's husband, I called Mom. I know Peter said that I shouldn't tell, but some things just aren't to be kept secret. Darned, independent Grandparents. Let us worry about you if we want to! And how are we supposed to pray for you if we don't even know!?!?!

The end of the story...she's not coming. I am deeply disappointed, as I'm sure she is. I am exceptionally thankful, though, that she's going to be alright!

Now that's a Thanksgiving for you!


Blessed Mommy said...

I'll keep you and your Grandmother in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

I'm not coming either!!!

Auntie Barb

photomama said...

I had forgotten you were from canada. I was born there and still have family in ontario by sauble beach, which I saw last weekend at a wedding. Anyhow, I hope your grandma does find answers and they can help her with what is causing the issue.

Anonymous said...

This is grandma Margaret from CA. I finally got around to reading your blog. Thanksfully, I am doing fine and have a guardian angel who brought me to the doctor at the right time. Missed my visit but will be able to visit some other time. Thanks for your prayers. Love Grandma Margaret & Peter.