Dwayne has been a busy man working on our landscaping. It had occurred to me that I haven't taken any 'before' pictures of our backyard. Here are some, although he's done an enormous amount of work already.

Our whole lot was thick with trees when we started. He cleared a spot for our house and now he's been working in the backyard. He's thinned out the trees some more and cleaned out all the underbrush. The forests are very lush here with lots of underbrush and moss. Now that the brush is cleaned out, I hope the moss will grow back and make things really park-like. We also have grass and a garden to plant. We will be waiting a bit, though, as I woke up to snow this May?!

On the weekend, Dwayne & Dylan were pouring cement to make the pilings for the deck. Dylan ran out the next morning to make sure that it really had hardened and then ran back in to give us the good news!


Ana said...

Looks like you guys will have a great space for the boys to play!

I can't believe you had snow! YUCK!

My Life With Boys said...

I can't believe you have a backyard like that! It's gorgeous! Lucky, lucky you! =)