I've got to say, I am not up for any Wife of the Year awards. I've got the best husband around and I am just not learning anything on the Being Thankful front. During my shower on Friday morning, I got to thinking that this was the last weekend before my 30th birthday. Of course! Dwayne was planning a surprise party for me - tonight! Well, I carried on my day...waiting. I spoke to a few friends and they were all going to be busy that evening. I was thinking, "Oh ya, busy all my house!" Hee, hee, aren't I just so clever. Evening came and nothing, nada. I went to bed pouting. Dwayne asked me what was wrong and I let 'im have it. "How often am I going to turn 30? I'm the party-planner for everyone. Where's my party? You forgot!?!" On and on and on. Oh, I am cringing just recalling it!

Dwayne was full of grace. "I'm sorry. We've been so busy with landscaping and stuff that I just didn't think of it. I didn't realize it'd be so important to you."

Saturdary morning he suggested I go for breakfast with my friend, Bobbie. I did. We went garage sale shopping after and then I had coffee at her house. When I got home, I put the 2 smallest children for their regular naps and settled in to do some paperwork. Awhile later, Bobbie poked her head in my house to drop off some stuff that I'd forgotten there. I was on the phone and tried to get her to stick around but she seemed in a rush. When I finished up my call, there were all these children in my yard. I went out to see Bobbie and Tammy there.

"What are you up to?"

"Oh, nothing, just thought we'd stop by."

"Can you stay for a coffee?"

"Yah, I guess we could."

Still didn't figure it out. The party idea was long gone by then. My husband had just plain forgotten about me.

Then another friend showed up. Yikes! I knew! My first thought was that Dwayne had quickly arranged something out of guilt. It turns out he called them in April! He had ordered in special food from the market, including 2 large cakes and steaks for all. He barbequed for us and had everything all prepared. I felt like a big ol' lug! And rightly so!

Thanks so much, Dwayne! For the birthday party, too, but mostly for being so great! I love you!

I'll leave you with some pictures of the fun with the children after the meal.

I'm taking Kobe for a ride.

Dylan enjoying the ice cream cake.

Zane & I snuggling by the fire.

Tammy trying to ignore the camera.

Dennis giving up ignoring the camera.

My little sister, Amanda, with Bobbie.

My little brother, Steve, trying to throw my old butt off!

My crazy brother & his fiance, Jess. They are getting married this weekend. I am so excited!

Did you eat too much, Rod?

Isn't this such a great shot of Tristin? I love my camera!