Another Potluck

Food, food, food...

Our care group had a potluck and games night. The food was fabulous - you know I'm not shy when it comes to food!
Somebody brought a game with questions on cards. The purpose is to ask questions that will start conversations and help open people up that aren't normally much for talking.

The first question was asked of anyone who wanted to answer.

It was 'Describe something beautiful'.

I was half-way up the stairs when it was asked and I popped my head down with a loud, "Ahhhem, ahhhem, ahhhem..."

Dwayne looked up at me, his lightbulb went on, he threw up his hand and said, "I know...I know...".
You're learning, honey!

Near the end, Dylan had convinced the 'big boys' to play Trouble with him. Of course, they didn't count on his negotiating skills or the 'rules' of a 6-year-old!


Boy Mom said...

Fun gathering!

Love how boys/men can't think up a quick compliment with out prompting but can think up a rule change that favors them in a split second.

Mummy McTavish said...

I love things like that to taste a whole heap of new food.

Good job with the "subtle" hint.