'Walk School Like An Egyptian'

I love Mystery of History! It reads at a higher level but has all sorts of cool reinforcement activities to do with young, older and oldest students.
Today we were doing Egypt projects...pyramids, Pharoahs, pyramids, mummies, pyramids.

(Can you tell my little Dylan likes to pose? I am always hearing..."Take a picture like this, Mom...Okay, now like this...How 'bout like this?")

My cousin, Pamela, is in town for Christmas. She stopped by unannounced this morning. What happens when you come by unexpectedly during a lesson? You get put to work!

Okay, boys, let's mummify our guest!

For another Mystery of History project on Egypt, go see my friend,


Anonymous said...

that looks like great fun for cousins

Mummy McTavish said...

What fun! See if you can get hold of the Lyrics to "I want my Mummy" it's a great song by Colin Buchanan. I had forgotten about it till last night.

SKELLER said...

Oh! Bless Dylan's sweet little heart. Enjoy taking his picture NOW. My older boys are at the age when they RUN from the camera ;-)

Grannysaurus said...

It sounds like you and the boys are enjoying home schooling and making the most out of it. I always reckon learning should be fun, that way they are likely to keep learning their whole life through.