Each of the boys have a fishtank in their rooms. It was my (successful) attempt at creating some white noise for them to sleep better. Dylan has Twinkle, Kobe has Cleo and Zane has Bubbles.

Kobe and I were feeding Cleo, when he started freaking out.

Kobe: "The other fish ate Cleo's food! The other fish ate Cleo's food!"

Me: "We don't have another fish, Kobe. Cleo at it."

Kobe: "No, that fish ate it! (Pointing)

I looked. It was Cleo's shadow he was seeing. I tried to explain it to him. How in the world do you explain shadows to a 2 year old?

I said that his shadow follows him wherever he goes. I also showed him his own shadow. He waved and the shadow waved.

I thought he understood.

He didn't.

He started saying, "Cleo's shadow ate his food!"

Good thing he hasn't watched Peter Pan. You know, where he comes back to the Nursery to find his shadow, chase it down and sew it back on. Then he would be confused!


Bobbie-Jo said...

Does Cleo like her (his?) dumptruck?

Queen Bee said...

oh my gosh- such a cute story.
BTW LOVE the idea of a fish tank for white noise, although I would not like cleaning 3 fish tanks~

Renata said...

What a great idea for white noise. And it teaches the boys about having a pet.
You have such a cute boy there! - hope that shadow stops eating the food!!LOL

Mummy McTavish said...

HAhahahaha, we just had the shadow talk (again) this morning! we delved into reflections too (again). Dragon (2) kept catching his shadow and trying to pass it to me cupped in his hands. Lion at all of 4 was offering the explaination of why it didnt work like that. "You can't do that, it's not really there, it's just there" Profound, isnt it?