Do You Always Count The Cost?

Our care group is working on a Bible study right now. We are using the book 'Christ For Real' to lead us along.

We've come to the part about counting the cost of being a Christian. What does it cost us? Here are some things that we tossed around:

  • A life with Christ cannot be bought, but it's not free.
  • You can't buy or earn salvation. You don't inherit it from your parents just because they are Christians. You don't get it because you're a good person or because you live in North America. Each person must reach out to Him.
  • It's not free. You have to give up something in order to get it: your will. Daily you need to say, "I'm yours. I don't want what I want, but what You want."
  • Matthew 13:44 (the parables of the hidden treaure and the pearl) speaks to me. The men in these parables found something of great value. One found hidden treasure and one found a pearl. Upon their discoveries, they didn't hesitate: They joyfully gave up everything to get that treasure. They didn't count the cost or dilly-dally because they weren't sure. They knew that there really was no cost to give it all up because what they were about to receive was far, far better.
  • Why don't we respond to Christ like this? Why don't we joyfully follow him in whatever He wants? Why don't we hand over everything without thinking twice? Why do we fear? Why must we consider it a cost to follow Him?
I have nothing definitive to offer at this point. Be assured that these things are on my mind. Be assured that I will be praying these things through, asking Him to lead my heart to His will. I want to joyfully follow Him!