Things Happen For A Reason

Part of my daily routine is exercising on my elliptical trainer. After lunch, I put Zane down for a nap and Dylan, Kobe and I head to the basement.

The children play while I watch a show on my laptop and give 'er all I've got on the elliptical. I don't want the children listening to the shows (you just never know what language they will use or what things they might say) so I hook up my earphones.

This last week, the power went off as I was making lunch. I was making grilled cheese, so I set the pan on the stove and turned it on. Right then, the power went off. I got distracted and forgot to turn the burner off. I made something else for lunch.

I took Zane upstairs for his nap, grabbed my laptop and water bottle and headed to the basement with the children. When I got down there, I realized I'd forgotten my earphones. As I was coming back up to get them, the power came back on.

Upstairs, I noticed that the stove light was on. When I checked it out, I realized that the burner was on with an empty pan on it. In that little time, the burner was already red-hot. I hate to think of what would have happened if I hadn't forgotten my earphones - with the baby upstairs, the stove on the main floor and me down in the basement with my earphones in!

I usually keep my earphones with my laptop, but Dwayne had had a stomach bug and didn't coach Dylan's hockey the night before. He sent Dylan to hockey with me. I watched Dylan's hockey practice from the gym upstairs at the rec centre, with my mp3 and my earphones.

I guess Dwayne's puking streak saved us from a house fire. Thank you, Lord, for Dwayne's stomach bug!