I pulled my blog offline today. I decided I needed some privacy. It's strange, really. I am mostly an open book - not many secrets or things that I mind sharing. It's not that I have any secrets now, I just long to journal, knowing that nobody else is reading.

At church today, I saw an update on the mission work that some people are doing in Mexico. They are trying to set their place up to host families that want to participate for a couple of weeks. The update had living costs on it. The living expenses (no travel, mission expenses, etc) is $20/family member/day. This would mean $100/day or $3000/month for our family! This seems pricey.

I don't understand why mission work needs to be so expensive to get involved. I am talking about countries where the cost of living is known to be very low. I can see that the actual ministries would take some cash to run, but not food and accomodations for my family. I'm going to have to pray about this some more. It's not making alot of sense to me at this stage and I want to be sure that this is the direction the Lord would have us take.

I am also going to email EFCCM for more details. Maybe this will help clear some of this up.