It Follows Me Wherever I Go

I have an accounting degree. I used to be an accountant. I've worked in Finance at a hospital, then as Financial Controller at a mill, then into public practice. I loved it. I loved making sense of numbers, budgeting, forecasting, analyzing.

Then I earned the title of Full-Time Mom. Now I can't handle accounting. I dislike the tedium of it. I dislike that it's never 'finished' - you're into a new year before you've wrapped up the one before. Your desk is never cleared. You are always waiting on someone - Canada Revenue Agency, a client, an A/R clerk that hasn't yet corrected that invoice. I want to hire someone to do our books!

I received an email from EFCCM (our missions people) yesterday. Imagine the feelings I had when I read the words: "one of their largest needs at the moment is an accountant. Between their teams, building projects, and other ministries, they feel they are in a pit of despair of accounting sludge!"

Unbelievable! Accounting sludge?! My feelings exactly! Why me?!

It doesn't matter where in the world I go, it's following me.

Don't ever say, "Don't send me to Africa, Lord." It seems you'll be on the next flight there.