Bee Day

Ad in our local paper:

Are you a beekeeper or interested in bee keeping? Come meet with us to find out more about apiculture.

Okay, I am not interested in becoming a beekeeper. But we are interested learning about bees and the whole honey collecting process.

I took Dylan to the meeting and then they scheduled a 'bee day'. Dylan and I were the only ones interested in learning about it without actually becoming apiculturists.

Monica, the lady hosting the Bee Day, is fabulous with children. Dylan got some great hands-on experience and the chance to ask a million - yes, a million - questions.

Dylan purposely dipped his net in the bees to see if he could get them to crawl on it. It worked!

The bees were swarming around. I thought Dylan might feel nervous, but he wasn't at all. He was too busy looking, touching, helping ... and asking questions.

It turns out Dylan is a master honey-scaper...

...and honey tester!
Monica gave us a whack of honeycomb to take home to the other boys. We were chewing and sucking all afternoon. She also sent us home with two jars of honey. Thanks Monica!


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

How fun!!! The bees would have creeped me out, but my boys would have been in HEAVEN!!

Nothing beats some hands on learning!

Mummy McTavish said...

HOW COOL IS THAT!!! It looks like a sweet way to learn!

Canadagirl said...

He is sooooooooooooo much braver than I !!! I am a recovered bee-aphobic.

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

We homeschool using Five In A Row and we are currently rowing The Bee Tree. My 6 year old was fascinated by your son's bee keeper costume. I so wish we could find something like that around would be so perfect to combine with our study of bees. Thanks for posting your son especially enjoyed them!

Anonymous said...

What a great learning experience . . . what a brave soul you have! I don't know if I could've done it. :0)

Also, thanks for your comment on my blog about the time-out tool. I hope it is a useful tool for you. Of course, all credit goes to the Lord in planting such a thought in this wee little head. :0)

Bobbie-Jo said...

That is way too cool! Good job on being brave, Dylan, even though you weren't scared. I'm still impressed.

I like your blog. It's neat catching up after a few weeks and reading posts all together. It gives me a taste of your summer.

GodsWarrior16 said...

Too Cool. Sounds like lots of fun.