Learning Tools As Home Decor

My desire is to decorate our home in a way that says...

~ We love the Lord.
~ Family is important.

~ We value learning.
Decorating with learning tools is hard for me. I struggle to balance stylish with functional.
I have recently added a couple of learning tools to our dining room.
Our map 'tablecloth':
Our Spanish board:

Simply functional? Or stylish too? Any thoughts?


Nancy M. said...

Great ideas!

Bobbie-Jo said...

I think the Spanish board is very stylish, especially since you have such nice handwriting. I put my maps downstairs in the schoolroom because even though we love to look at them and discuss the world, I didn't like them in my dining room. But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

it really is what ever works. it always seemed to work better in the area that we spent the most time in our home. That way we all did benefit, and spending time together. good idea Amy. we r on our way to Illinois for monday morning delivery, see u all again soon. Sure was glad to have my short visit before we left, that way it feels good to leave as I can say goodbye. S & J came over just before I came to visit you guys, it seemed right love mom

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I love the frame of Spanish words-I may copy!
Can you draw on the map? That would be fun!
Do what you love when decorating-that is my motto-

Ruby Red Slippers said...

If Legos arrive at our house-I have a very happy house!

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Ruby Red -

Steal away...I'm flattered.

The map is laminated, so we use dry erase markers. My parents are long-distance truckers. We follow their journeys with the markers.

We're studying Canadian history and geography this year. When we eat dinner, the children can tell Dwayne where we have learned about.

an encourager said...

Ooooh!!! I love that idea! What a cute way to learn another language!

Mummy McTavish said...

I have a piece of clear plastic covering our table and I have thought of putting stuff under it but have never managed to get around to it. I like the blackboard too!

Terry said...

Oh how lovely !
I homeschooled back in the dark ages :)
My son is almost 30 .
Anyway I wanted to tell you how beautiful your blog is and how wonderful your stylish approach is .
Blessings to you all.
May the coming week be filled with unending happiness for each of you.
Happy Trails

Susan said...

ditto. I wrote about that some in sharing our school room/area which is not in existence right now since we just moved. BUt I totally agree with the whole decorating/school look dilemma. I think your chalk board is cute!

Samantha said...

Thanks for the comment! I love clean rooms! Like your tablecloth!

Sadie said...

The spanish board is very stylish! The map is great too..I bet it gets more use than if it were on the wall. We use our shower curtain map often.