Clumsy Pregnant Chick

Today I had one of those 'I can't believe I did that' moments.

I was buckling Zane into his carseat after a visit with Mrs. Journey.

My shoe slipped on the side of the truck.

I fell out of the truck.

Because we were parked so close to the steep ditch, I had no place to put my foot down.

I fell from the truck to the ditch and then rolled down the - did I mention steep? - ditch.

What a sight I must have been! I haven't posted any pregnancy pictures lately, but people keep asking me if I'm having twins. You've got the idea...

In moments like this, why do you first look around to see if anybody saw you before you figure out if you're okay? I did this. I don't think anybody saw. Except Dwayne - who came bolting around to my side of the truck with the most panicked expression.

He brought me straight home and had somebody at my house within half an hour to help with the children for the rest of the afternoon - he had to go back to work.

I am sore. My belly was jolted and I feel like I've been doing situps. I hurt my back and pulled muscles all up through my shoulder blades. I'm laying down now while the babysitter plays outside with the children.

If you're bored and run out of things to pray about today...well, maybe you could send a quick one up for me.

I know. I'm a wimp.


Bobbie-Jo said...

Oh no! You told me you fell, but I had no idea you fell. Any danger signs? Are you going to sue?

I'm so glad that hubby of yours takes care of you even when, and especially when, you don't.

an encourager said...

This is the second blog I've read tonight, and both of you needed prayer! Maybe that's why it's almost midnight and I couldn't sleep! Praying...

Kristin said...

That is a scary fall. Please be careful. I will add you to my prayers. Congrats on your new little one on the way. Thanks also for stopping by my little blog. Come back again soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Just sent one up for you! I hope you are feeling better today!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Gina said...

Praying for you too Amy! I know the embarrassment/pain of a bad's the worst! Thanks for stopping by my blog too-I think you should focus more on the verb "rest" than anything else!

Take care!

Nicole said...

Awww,that sounds painful and scary. Glad your dh made sure you were able to rest and recuperate. I hope you feel completely better soon.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll have to check back and see what you guys do for your animal classification study.

Mummy McTavish said...

WOW, praying that you are feeling better! Just saw your baby counter is at 59 days to go... HOW EXCITING!! Maybe your "twin" belly (don't you LOVE those comments) is God providing a little extra cushioning for these clumsy moments. We all have them but that was certainly a scary one!

Mary @Raising 4 Godly Men said...

I will pray my SSiC. I don't need to be bored to do that ! I hope you feel all better soon. What a wonderful hubby you have to bring in a babysitter right away. PTL

Sending you HUGE ((HUGS))!!!

grandma margaret said...

That was scary. Glad to hear that you are feeling no ill effects - other than stiff and sore muscles. Dwayne is definitely a "keeper". Take care and God bless you all.