Who's Responsible For This One?

Zane (21 months) has learned how to crawl out of his crib.

This is bad news.

Bad, bad news.

He is a busy, busy, busy little guy. I mean, he never stops moving. Never. It’s been so hard during this pregnancy because I just don’t have the energy or the same physical ability to keep up with him.

His nap time and night-time were truly my only times of rest. And now…gone.

At 1:30 in the morning, Zane got out of bed. He went to Dylan’s room and started jumping on Dylan’s head. Dylan (7) came into our room with Zane, went over to Dwayne and said, “Who’s responsible for this one?” Then he turned around and went back to bed.

I hear ya, Dylan…and at 1:30am, I’m not sure I even want to claim him!

Dwayne put Zane back to bed and put up the baby gate, which he swiftly climbed over in the morning.

Tonight I’m putting a child-lock on his door handle – on the inside.

Put on your thinking caps ‘cuz when he figures out the child-lock, I’m coming back for suggestions.


Anonymous said...

I know he is an escape artist. He certainly made it look very easy to open the patio door even though he is almost not tall enough to reach. Then he escapes real quickly. You have just got to love him see you all saturday love mom

Nancy M. said...

I am surprised mine hasn't got out of his crib yet. He can open all the doors except the outside ones and he's working on that one now. I wouldn't know what to do beyond what you're doing, either. Good Luck!

Surrounded By Boys said...

My kids were falling/jumping out of their cribs by 16-17 months, so you've got a couple of extra months on me!

We lock our 21 month old in his room at night with the regular lock on the door. Every once in a while when he wakes up in the middle of the night, you can hear him try the door but when it doesn't open he just goes right back to bed. In the AM, I am first up so I walk by and unlock it but leave it closed so he can come out when he wants to. It's worked out really well for us.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I don't think you want me to say what I would do!
I have a great book I use that gives me great ideas-Creative Correction by Lisa Whelchel.
She makes you laugh, and she has been there as a mom-try her book for ideas!
(Good Luck-)

Jenn@Spejory said...

That's one thing my boys were not doing at that age, but then they were sleeping all in the same bedroom so there wasn't much reason to get up and wander. It wasn't until they were a little older that they would get up and stand at the side of my bed a few inches from my face. When I heard them breathing I would scream, scaring both them AND me AND my husband.

an encourager said...

That made me happily laugh! When I go to bed, I will still be laughing at "Who's responsible for this one?" Thanks for the medicine of laughter! :)

grandma margaret said...

You've got to love him and Dylan has a good handle on responsibility, doesn't he? :-). Beyond what you're doing, I don't know what else you can do. Good Luck. Love to all.
PS check out my new blog - (I shut down the other 2). http://grandmamargaretaleman.blogspot.com

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

We did that very same thing with the child knob thing on the inside of the door. It worked for us. One of our friends installed a screen door and locked on the outside. It seemed extreme, but when you don't sleep through the night, you will do WHATEVER it takes to stay sane! Good Luck!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

an encourager said...

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Becky said...

Oh my word.

You poor thing. My youngest is 30 months old and still in the crib and we are a milking this one! None of the other kids stayed in this long, but since she isn't trying to climb out we are going with it!

I think the child lock on the inside of the doorknob is an excellent idea! I hope this works!!!