What's That?


Tara's little boy is right! It is the teeth of a goose. We visited a local farm lately and got some great pictures. I will post more as I get time. BTW...I have a small prize for you Tara. I will come see you at your blog.

Any guesses as to what this might be? Try your luck!


Tara said...

ok... my 6 year old son guesses that it is the inside of an animals teeth. My four year old son thinks it is a hair thingy.

Renata said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks for visiting my blog !!
OK I'm guessing the picture is ... some kind of exotic fruit????!!!??
Your blog is really great & I love the title!!
Have a nice day!
Renata :)

Tara said...

Yay! Thanks so much. My son will be very proud.